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Going Medieval: Waterfowling the Two Towers of Serbia

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Cover photo : Ram Fortress by Ilija Jacanovic. In the chill morning of late January, I am driving east of Belgrade towards the Two Towers section of the Danube and the best waterfowling bonanza in the whole of Serbia. Actually, I visited the Two Towers twice, had about 50 bird species each time and about 60 in total, so this is sort of a composite tour description. Some two hours later, we are in front of the first tower, the early 14th century but recently restored Golubac Fortress.

IDs on the wing

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I have commented before on the privilege and pain of living in a state (Michoacán, Mexico) which hosts 10 out of the 15 Empidonax Flycatchers , as well as at least 4 of the 22 Myiarchus Flycatchers. But those are not the only taxonomic families in which Michoacán has an embarassment of (difficult) riches. If you are lucky, and very, very obsessive, you can also see 7 different Swifts in my state. As it happens, I have so far only seen five, perhaps six, of these Swifts.

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Birding Breezy Point

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Breezy Point, the westernmost tip of the barrier islands that protect Long Island’s south shore, is also the southwestern most portion of Queens and one of my favorite locations to look for birds. Being out on the beach is always nice and Breezy Point often gives you the feeling of being one of the last people on earth despite being in a city of over nine million people.

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Hooded Plovers on Squeaky Beach

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During the recent months we spent in Victoria we were lucky enough to observe a pair of Hooded Plovers. Hooded Plovers are only found in the south of Australia and they are not abundant in any location. There are two populations and our last encounter was in the south of Western Australia almost two years ago. We have also observed them in Tasmania several years ago. Our most recent encounter was at the end of January at Squeaky Beach in the Wilson’s Promontory National Park.

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PPT 11/19/20

The Joy of Pigeons

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This post is inspired by a misconception. When I checked the photograph shown below, it was on a small screen in bright sunlight. In these circumstances, I thought that I saw the man amongst the pigeons putting his hand to his heart in a casual prayer to thank God for all of His creations, however common and familiar they might be. My feelings often run along a similar thread, not always as fervent as our pigeon feeder perhaps, but I am always grateful that I can take pleasure from small things.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of February 2020)

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I’ve learned a thing or two about winter birding since I’ve moved to a place with an abundance of winter. First and foremost, not every weekend offers ideal conditions for spotting snow birds, but a little patience almost guarantees that the right conditions come along. Did your patience pay off this weekend? Ivy and I went out to spot Snow Buntings and Horned Larks , and, by George, we spotted Snow Buntings and Horned Larks along with a single Lapland Longspur.

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Love “Roller”coaster: Castellare di Castellini Chianti Classico (2016)

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Today is Valentine’s Day – which means that at this very moment, countless would-be Romeos and hopeful Casanovas are undoubtedly scurrying around at the eleventh hour trying to find that perfect gift, tracking down the last florist in town not already sold out of roses, or perhaps merely struggling to choose a perfect bottle of wine for tonight’s dinner.

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