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A solitary Chestnut-breasted Mannikin

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As I have mentioned in the past we often place branches out for birds. The birds can then access water much more easily and we get the enjoyment of watching them all come in for a drink and bathe. At this time of year around the north of Australia the ephemeral lakes are drying out fast.

Collins Birds of the World by Norman Arlott

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Collins Birds of the World is “ a must for the travelling birder ,” as the BBC Wildlife Magazine reviewer has put it. And I cannot agree more.

700 Year Birds in Costa Rica?- Coming Into the Home Stretch for 2021

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It’s getting to be that time of year. That time when if you were keeping track of the bird species you had identified, and wanted to reach a certain number, you better come up with some strict birding strategies.

Birding a monastery: Zhaga, Western Sichuan

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Zhaga monastery is a Tibetan monastery built on top of a somewhat remote mountain near the town of Yajiang.

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One More Reason for Gratitude

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I moved to Mexico in 1983 (and really should update my bio below). Angie, now my wife, moved here in 1985, and we married here two years later. So our now-adult children have never lived in the U.S. But they have embraced some American customs, and one of their favorites is Thanksgiving.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of November 2021)

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November’s end signals an end to a season of change and the beginning of a time of stability. Birds are still, as ever, on the move according to their own rhythms, but the next few months should bring some familiar friends to you, wherever you are.