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A surprise Orange Chat

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One of the target bird species for birders when they visit the Broome area is Yellow Chat. They are relatively easy to find year round and sometimes you are lucky when they pose for you. Some years we encounter Crimson Chats around Broome too and even less rare is the Orange Chat.

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A Quick Drive

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Last weekend we headed into the mountains of northern Trinidad – the concept of mountains is surely a relative one, although it is the highest conglomeration of hills in the country (and the northernmost outcrop of the Andes) the Northern Range never crosses 1,000m above sea level.


10,000 Birds

Scarlet Honeyeater male [S. Popple] One of the great things about birding is its continuing ability to surprise.

I, Too, Twitch

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Twitching is a British term used to mean “the pursuit of a previously located rare bird.”… ”… a twitcher who fails to see a rare bird has dipped … — Wikipedia. As a birder who lives in central Mexico, I rarely get the opportunity to twitch.

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Recorded Webinar 7-6-20

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The A-Team

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I was just wondering about another topic for a post. Ideally, it should be one even less relevant than previous ones (like the one on wet birds, the one on blue birds, or the ones just showing birds eating or sleeping). Then I had an idea – a post based on birds starting with the same letter.

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Goldeneye Winery: Goldeneye Pinot Noir (2016)

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After an unintentionally long hiatus here at Birds and Booze, we’re back – though we’re now a day late with our annual Thanksgiving recommendation.

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