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Byproducts of Seeking Seedeaters

10,000 Birds

It can easily come across as laziness, but I like to call it efficiency. Some of my continental friends may not think twice of having to drive for four hours to see a single bird.

Where Worlds Collide

10,000 Birds

A week ago Monday, I drove half an hour to get to the area between the little towns of La Escalera, El Palmar, y Arúmbaro. As I was very surprised to discover recently, this area is at the same elevation as my home in Morelia.

Cockatoo Creek

10,000 Birds

When you travel north along the highway from Broome towards Willare and Derby you come to a wide bridge with a sign that says “Cockatoo Creek” I would highly recommend that you pull up on the right after you have crossed the bridge and park where the plaque is for the official opening of it.

Collaborative list – October 2021

10,000 Birds

As things appear to be returning to normal, The UK suffered its worst ever week for Covid infections. Wherever you might be birding, please stay safe and keep those around you safe too.

Recorded Webinar 7-6-20

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Birds and music

10,000 Birds

Don’t worry. This is just one of the usual blog posts from me, trying to get you to look at some of my bird photos via adding some semi-funny words.

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