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Birds and Trash

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In some places, birds have to live with large amounts of trash in their environment. Fortunately, some have found creative ways to deal with this issue: Trash indicating food ( Yellow-billed Chough , Balangshan, China). Trash as nesting material ( Upland Buzzard , Ruoergai, China).

China 72

Cute and Cuter

10,000 Birds

My latest posts have tended to the thematic, rather than offering up lots of photos of the cool birds I am seeing. That is not due to a lack of birding; I am still going out every Monday.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of September 2021)

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Every fall weekend bears a bite of bittersweet wonder around here. The thrill of a wave of migrants also brings a pang of worry that these may be the last songbirds we see for a while. No worries, though, as long as the next season brings its own suite of specialties.

Bears 66

Leucistic Limpkin

10,000 Birds

Conceptualizing a plumage aberration such as leucism, where pigments are prevented from reaching some (or all) feathers (in the case of birds) may be a feat of the imagination that can most easily be applied to one of the more common species – maybe an American Robin , or a Rufous-bellied Thrush.

May Flowers

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Devils Backbone Brewing Company Vienna Lager

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I thought we had bid farewell to Barn Swallows ( Hirundo rustica ) for the year with last week’s post , but we’ll have them back one last time before we get any further into autumn.

A posing Yellow Chat

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The photograph above is your typical photograph of a Yellow Chat around Broome. You will be walking along and there is a little bit of movement on the ground and you observe a couple or more Yellow Chats.

Amazing Birds of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

10,000 Birds

It has come time to put together another blog entry and I find myself bed ridden with a bad back so I will share a brief description of some of my local birds. With this headline, and my bias, I am tempted to include every bird however I will restrict myself, on this occasion to just three species.