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Highly recommended – Europe’s Birds: An Identification Guide

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When you spot a brand new bird identification guide, especially for your home region – in this case, Europe – reaching for it comes naturally. And a highly recommendable book it is, there is no doubt about it.

A Guide to Easy Birding in Costa Rica at Cinchona

10,000 Birds

Birding can be a real challenge. For some, it can involve hiking into a furnace of a canyon to look for a small yellowish bird much easier to see in other countries. Birding can be spending the night on a boat in the Atlantic so you can wake up to White-faced Storm-Petrels and other pelagic treats.

What to Do at High Island When the Winds are South

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High Island in April requires Weather, so I was told. A very specific type of weather–north winds, a cold front, rain.

Human elements

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There is an association of wildlife photographers down here, much maligned among my Mexican birder friends for a variety of reasons, which has proposed a rule that governs which photos they will accept: No wildlife photography should contain any human elements.

Test CMI 1/20/22

Birding Shanghai in April 2022

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This post is a bit of a joke as I have been under lockdown in Shanghai for the whole month. Still, as we did not have any covid cases in our compound for the last third of the month, the government graciously let us outside for the occasional walk within our compound.

Bird-watching at Langi Crossing

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Our closest river to Broome is the Fitzroy River and we can only access it for part of the year. It is approximately 140 kilometres from Broome with the last section being a gravel road. Once we have our wet season rains the gravel road becomes inaccessible and the river floods.

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