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Montezuma Winery: Carbonated Rhubarb Wine

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“This beautiful and singular bird, although a constant resident in the southern extremities of the peninsula of Florida, seldom extends its journeys in an eastern direction beyond the State of North Carolina.

Birding with 12s: Swarovski NL Pure 12×42

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“I don’t know anyone else crazy enough to try 12s,” my friend answered when told that I am about to test NL Pure 12×42. And he stood behind his words: he bought an NL 8×42. What do you think? Are 12s right for birding? Or have you ever birded with 12s? Back in the 1990s, I did.

The Elusive Aztec Thrush

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Many thrushes live or winter in Mexico, but their taxonomy is mostly quite simple. Eight of our large thrushes (the American Robin , western Mexico’s own Rufous-backed Robin , and eastern Mexico’s ubiquitous Clay-colored Thrush , among others) belong to the genus Turdus.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of August 2021)

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The beginning of August raises all kinds of mixed feelings, especially if you live in a temperate zone north of the Equator. Are we excited that we still have a month of more of summer weather left or bummed that fall migration is still that far off?

May Flowers

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New Birding Site in Costa Rica: Snowcaps, Raptors and More!

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Snowcaps are simply surreal. Not the sublime chocolate ones crowned with sugar but the live feathered ones that look like they have been dipped in choice burgundy and topped with a luminescent satin cap. The adult males sport that look; a bird created with crayons and an imaginative mind.

Olive-backed Orioles in Cygnet Park

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We walk our neighbours’ dogs during the week to our two local parks, which are Brolga Park and Cygnet Park. It gives the dogs a chance to get some exercise and for ourselves to keep track of the different birds that move through the area throughout the year.

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Proposed Changes to Migratory Bird Treaty Act – Part III

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As described in prior posts , the Trump Administration spent four years attempting to change the interpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). The changes revolved around something called “incidental take,” which is an activity that harm or kills birds incidental to its purpose.

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