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Why Do I Keep a Neighborhood Bird List?

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“Why do you always keep a list?” ” my brother asked on a hot and muggy afternoon in North Florida. Gwynn sat behind me in the canoe as we paddled lazily around a shallow lake.

Costa Rica: You Only Live Twice

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Indeed, you only live twice: your second life starts when you bird Costa Rica for the first time. And, yee-haw, this would be my second attempt at a second life: three weeks ago I was invited to bird Costa Rica! And that is how this mess I am in, started.

Grassy Green Space in the Central Valley- Trash Habitat or Prime Real Estate for Oddball Birds?

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When looking for birds in Costa Rica, the Central Valley isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Fly in to Juan Santamaria airport and this is where you arrive; a heavily populated and urbanized intermontane valley.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of September 2021)

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September has arrived, bringing the first waves of a new season of migration. Millions of birds around the world are making moves. Will you move with them? I spent the last week in Alaska chasing all kinds of excitement but finding fewer birds than I’d hoped.

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Collaborative List – August 2021

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It is delightful to see that the beats are getting back into the field and brandishing their optics around with great relish. They have been waiting for the natural imperative that calls them outside and now the leash has been loosened. I hope that you have made it out too. Stay vigilant and safe.


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An unfortunate side effect of birding in the developing world, is the amount of habitat destruction you are likely to see. Michoacán has such wonderful forests — I just wish I didn’t have to witness so many being cut down.

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Teal Lake Shiraz (2019)

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Most birders know better than to fall prey to such sensationalism, but among the public at large, Australia is notorious for being a land creeping and crawling with dangerous and even lethal wildlife at every turn.

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Seabirds: The New Identification Guide: An ID Guide Review

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Some people read cookbooks though they have no intention of whipping up a mushroom risotto, some people read bird guide books, even when the likelihood of actually seeing the creatures in those guides is remote. It’s intriguing, it’s fun, it’s even educational.