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Not enough Woodpeckers

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It is hard to imagine any birder not liking woodpeckers – they are the “motherhood and apple pie” of the avian world. So, writing a post about them is easy.

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Amber Ale

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One of the remarkable aspects of today’s craft beer market is that there’s such variety and abundance of breweries out there and yet still so much sameness in their offerings. Go ahead and pick a random can or bottle off the shelf of your local beer shop.

2017 56

Honestly, How Much Could It Rain?

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Any California-raised person knows that it just doesn’t rain in California in June. San Francisco averages two-tenths of an inch for the month, while San Jose only averages half that much. I was raised in between the two cities, and visited that area earlier this month.

Birding Hongbenghe, Yunnan

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Hongbenghe is a very small village in Yunnan, right next to the border with Myanmar. One road simply ends here, giving the place a real end-of-the-world feeling.

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Winter’s morning birding in Broome

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In Broome we do not have much difference with our maximum temperatures throughout the year. Generally our maximum temperature is around 32c for the most part of the year, but in Winter the overnight temperature is much lower than in the Summer.