Sat.May 21, 2022 - Fri.May 27, 2022

Big Day on a Tiny Island

10,000 Birds

The island of Tobago isn’t the smallest in absolute terms, but it’s pretty tiny at approximately 25 miles long and just under 7 miles wide at its widest point. For Global Big Day on May 14th, we decided we’d try our hand at birding as much of the island as possible.

Weird Towhees

10,000 Birds

Towhees are large, ground-hugging sparrows that occur only in North America. They belong to either the Pipilo or Melozone genera, or perhaps both, as their taxonomy is still a point of contention.

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Baihualing – The Sequel

10,000 Birds

At this moment, Baihualing is the eBird hotspot in China which has by far the largest number of species – 486. With 398 species, Nanhui is trailing far behind despite being covered by a much larger number of checklists (2225 compared to 608).

Birding Sanming, Fujian

10,000 Birds

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Munkajarra Wetlands near Derby

10,000 Birds

Until recently the access to Munkajarra Wetlands near Derby has been a four-wheel drive track that was not always accessible all year. However, the firebreaks that have been put in recently make it a lot easier for vehicles to access the area.

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