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This is my dream – this is my nightmare

10,000 Birds

Located in the Kutch District of Gujarat, the Naliya Grassland is the smallest reserve of India, covering only 2 square kilometers (yes – 0.77

Different, but the Same

10,000 Birds

An eternity ago, when our now-adult children were young enough to watch Sesame Street, that show used to have segments about diversity with the phrase “We’re different, but the same. The same, but different.”

The Warbler Brewery – Skylight Double India Pale Ale

10,000 Birds

Times flies. So do birds. Well, most birds do. Penguins don’t. I had a nice double IPA with a penguin on it to review last month in time for my local bird club’s annual big day – a long, grueling event that always leaves me thirsty for a strong, refreshing beer when it’s over.

India 56

Pallid Cuckoos and Processionary Caterpillars

10,000 Birds

For a few weeks now there have been an increasing number of Processionary Caterpillars around Broome. The length of the procession can be incredibly long and I have counted over seventy caterpillars in some of the processions.

Test webinar 6/10 10am

Speaker: Test

Back in the U.S.A.

10,000 Birds

I may have mentioned in previous posts that I have recently had a to-the-death struggle with the Mexican banking system. This has made me wonder if there is such a thing as banking PTSD, and has certainly contributed to my being consistently late at getting my 10,000 Bird posts out.

Bird Litigation:  Guilty Plea Under Migratory Bird Treaty Act

10,000 Birds

A wind energy company recently pleaded guilty to multiple violations of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and agreed to pay approximately $8 million in fees and restitution. For the next five years, it must also implement an Eagle Management Plan.