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Once upon a time in Bojcinska Forest

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Once upon a time, vast forests of Quercus robur , known as common, pedunculate, European or English oak blanketed the Sava River floodplain, all the way from Croatia down to the river’s confluence in Belgrade, Serbia.

Out Birding to Help an Endemic Sparrow in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

I won’t be answering any messages this morning, won’t be available. Won’t be taking any phone calls either but I’ve got a good excuse.

Salon des Refusés (part 2)

10,000 Birds

At some point in my life, when I was about 25 and a university student, I thought of myself as a writer. The best thing I ever wrote – in my opinion – was this very short piece: Life is exhausting and depressing – sometimes one would prefer to just sit somewhere on the floor.

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Hakeas and Honeyeaters

10,000 Birds

At the moment around Broome we have Hakea macrocarpa flowering profusely. The trees will be flowering for a few months now and they are currently attracting a lot of birds and insects to their flowers.

Test webinar 6/10 10am

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The Secrets of my Success

10,000 Birds

All right, I’ll admit it. I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. I came back from a Monday birding trip and told my wife, prior to reviewing my photos, that I saw a bird that was either 1) interesting, or 2) historic.

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