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Yellow-faced Honeyeaters

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Yellow-faced Honeyeaters – Calygavis chrysops are found in the eastern and south eastern parts of Australia. They are not present in Western Australia or the Northern Territory, so not a bird species that we get to observe very often.

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12 countries with the greatest bird species density

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The Species per Square Mile Approach. While Colombia may have almost 2000 bird species, it is a huge country with, still, complicated long-distance travel logistics. On the other hand, small countries with relatively long bird lists offer higher species densities per square mile.

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The Royal Mile: Birding Fit For a King

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In birding circles, certain stretches of road or trail attain mythical status, eliciting knowing smiles and satisfied grins when mentioned. Aficionados of American birding know all too well the wonders of Panama’s Pipeline Road.

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A mixed roost.

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At the top of Newport Bay in Orange County, Ca., the tide is almost spent. A higher tide than today might have ventured up the San Diego River, but not very far.

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April Showers 4.30


My favorite trash birds

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One of the many things I love about Mexico is the quality of its “trash birds” You may have heard that phrase among birders; it refers to whatever species is so common at a given site that you become tired of seeing them.

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Birds of Nanhui Shanghai: A Photo Book Review

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There’s a place in southeast Shanghai at the junction of the Yangtze River estuary and Hangzhou Bay called Nanhui Wetland, where you can find thousands of migratory birds, making their stops along the East Asian–Australasian flyway, and some nifty residential ones.

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