August, 2017

A Microchip Miracle: The Gift of Reunion

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Like so many of us who share our lives with a beloved dog, we had our dog Teddy microchipped when he became a permanent family member after a short foster period. And although life is fickle, and nothing we do … Continue reading → guest post pet care pet stories

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Animal Ethics

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12 interesting facts about cats that you might not know

4 The Love Of Animals

Cats, along with dogs, are the most popular pet in the world. And it’s no wonder – these adorable, cuddly creatures are great at winning over our hearts. But even if we think we know them in detail, there are … Continue reading → cats guest post

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Adorable animals are sharing an important message!

4 The Love Of Animals

Everyone loves videos with animals being adorable and cute. Recently, the Ad Council has crafted three aww-inducing Public Service Ads (PSAs) featuring puppies, baby goats, and hedgehogs! Yes, hedgehogs (of course we had to share that one). Not only are … Continue reading → cute animals

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Flooding aftermath poses risks to our pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Petplan pet insurance staff veterinarian Kim Smyth shares important tips about the hazards that those in the area affected by Hurricane Harvey (and flood prone regions) should beware of when it comes to the health of their pets in the … Continue reading → pet care

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