July, 2021

Seeking the Bahama Nuthatch

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Jim Wright is an author and birding columnist. His latest book is The Real James Bond , available as a hardcover, an eBook and an audiobook. For more Bahama Nuthatch information and links, check his blog, [link]. Jim’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds was A Rare Caribbean Parrot on the Brink.

Worth Protecting

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I wrote, a few weeks ago, about seeing my first Sedge (now Grass) Wrens through the kind invitation of a local biologist, and new birder, on whose property these live. Last week he messaged me to ask if I could go birding with him just south of Morelia’s urban area.

The best-kept birding secrets of Belgrade

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The very best wetland birding around Belgrade, Serbia, is not to be found in the locally famous and tourist-promoted Obedska or Carska Bara Ramsar areas, but at Beljarica Backwaters and the fish farm triangle of Centa, Baranda and Sakule villages, in the Tamis River floodplain.

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Grouse in PA, Grouse in Costa Rica

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Grouse are the chickens we would love to lay eyes on. “Gamebirds” to some, cool, cryptic understory birds to the birding people, grouse crouch protected as unfettered winds sway the top of the tall prairie grass.

Recorded Webinar 7-6-20

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Birding Wolongshan, Sichuan, China

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With travel restrictions still in place, going on a birding trip outside of China is still not a practical option. Fortunately, China itself has a large number of bird species and habitats.

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Brown’s Brewing Company – Helles Rebuke

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Many birders find gull identification one of the more difficult aspects of this hobby and classifying gulls when they appear on cans of beer is often no less vexing a problem.

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Another Iteration of the Trinity

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In the southeastern end of Trinidad, the Trinity Hills rises above the mostly flat interior of the island. This trio of hills stood out to a certain lost seaman over 500 years ago – who took it as a sign of the Holy Trinity and therefore coined the name La Isla de la Trinidad.

My Pilgrimage

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Twice a year, in February and July, I make a pilgrimage to the Hot Country ( Tierra Caliente ) thorn forest zone around Paso Ancho, Michoacán. Of course, I also go there several other times each year; I have, after all, seen 160 species at this endemic-rich site.

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Mast Landing Brewing Company: Pantless Thunder Goose Double India Pale Ale

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The Guinness toucan is easily the most iconic bird mascot in beer history, but the storied Dublin brewery also boasted an ostrich and a pelican in its colorful, avian advertising menagerie of yesteryear.

Hilty’s Birds of Colombia field guide review

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Birds of Colombia (Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides) by Steven L.

May Flowers

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A few more Pied Oystercatchers start to breed

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the pair of Pied Oystercatchers that were the first to start breeding along our coast this year. Sadly they were not successful with their first clutch of eggs, but are busily making nest scrapes again.

First Post-COVID-19 Birding Trip: Wisconsin and Horicon NWR

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Once I was fully vaccinated and air travel became an option, I looked for a location for my first birding trip since 2019. I have a running list of trips to do, but many are best in spring, fall, or winter, not summer.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of July 2021)

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Another weekend brings another example of the climate volatility induced by global warming. We just endured the warmest June on record, which may well turn out to be the coolest June we’ll see in a long time.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of July 2021)

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The onset of summer birding doldrums in the temperate range of the Northern Hemisphere generally means highly restricted avian diversity… except in those places where it does not.

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Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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Scope? To Bring or Not to Bring on a Birding Trip to Costa Rica

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Binoculars are like a magical optical portal. Without looking through polished sets of coated glass, birds can be itty-bitty specks and flying objects that hint at the colors hidden therein.

Backyard Beneficiaries

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With any project or investment we’re involved in, the topic of beneficiaries always surfaces some way or the other. Who is going to benefit aside from the original investor? For me, as a birder, a naturalist, and a general lover of all things natural – the ideal beneficiary is nature.

The Glitter in the Green: In Search of Hummingbirds–A Hummer Book Review

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If you had your choice of one bird family to pursue, to seek out and observe and photograph and kvell over, which one would you choose?

Elton’s Egret

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Snowy Egrets like to keep their distance. Normally the slender, fairy-feathered shorebirds are shy and avoid the humans who encroach on their territory. But a small colony of them have made an exception for Elton Reed, who has fished off Chincoteague Island, Virginia for almost five decades.

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Speaker: Hannah Flynn

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Birding the humid subtropical Europe

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Here along the banks of the Danube, with Central Europe at one and the Balkans at the other bank, mid-summer is a tricky part of the year if you are a birder. The sun rises a few minutes before 5 a.m. and the crack of dawn starts by 4:15 a.m. already, so I am waking up at 3:30 a.m.

Lifer! But, which one?

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Only two weeks ago, I commented that I had seen all but two of the wrens that can normally be found in Michoacán. The ones I had not yet seen were the Rock Wren , and the Sedge Wren.

Herdade do Esporão Bico Amarelo Vinho Verde (2019)

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Now that it’s officially summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), it’s time to cool off with some lighter, more refreshing wines. As with our last Birds and Booze post , we’re in Portugal yet again, this time revisiting what is perhaps the world’s most quenching style of wine: vinho verde.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of July 2021)

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The best of summer birding in my experience takes place at the beach. Our land-locked species in temperate zones tend to become too focused on the little details of perpetuating their species to be sufficiently entertaining.

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Pied Oystercatcher breeding season is here again!

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In another year when time stands still when you are not allowed to move freely around Australia or overseas some things happen like clockwork. Well, not quite like clockwork, because this year one pair of Pied Oystercatchers on Cable Beach laid their first clutch of eggs a bit earlier than normal.

Collaborative list – June 2021

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Flaming June is busting out all over. Insects were held back by weird spring weather, but now the warmth returns and the birds are feasting on the late stirring bugs. June saw 8 beats get their birding boots on and share 90 checklists for your pleasure.

Tianmushan or Birding a Mulberry Tree

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Tianmushan is a mountain in Zhejiang province – not very high at about 1500 meters, but of course offering very different birds from flat Shanghai (where confusingly, the highest mountain with a height of 100 meters is named Tianmashan – the difference between the a and the u is one of 1400 meters in height.

Emiliana Natura Rosé (2020)

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When I first spotted the label of this week’s wine in my local shop, I took one look at the songbirds on it and rightfully assumed this 2020 Emiliana Natura Rosé was from some European winery. I think most birders would, given the ornithological evidence presented.

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Little Egret in the Indian Ocean

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On our recent walks along Cable Beach checking on the pairs of Pied Oystercatchers that are currently breeding we have often observed a Little Egret. There is only ever one Little Egret and it runs around in the shallows of the Indian Ocean. It appears to be successful at catching small fish.

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Back to the Canyon

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Of all my favorite birding sites, by far the closest to home is la Cañada de los Filtros Viejos (“the Canyon of the Old Filters”, named for structures that once provided water to the city of Morelia).

It doesn’t take much water to attract birds

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At the shallow natural clay-pan where the three Pink-eared Ducks were hiding in plain sight there were many other bird species. Despite the water being very shallow and muddy there was a White-necked Heron as shown in the header photo.

Fight for the Wild

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The Kea – New Zealand’s enigmatic alpine parrot. It may seem strange that I am choosing to write a video review in one of my first ever blogs.

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