Terrible News. US Supreme Court Strikes Down California "Downer Cow" Law

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us supreme court california cows livestock farm animal welfare factory farmClearly a win for the damn livestock industry. It was a question of federal vs. state authority. Sucks. And it was a unanimous decision. Read the full story at CNN. A state law mandating "humane treatment" of downed livestock headed for the slaughterhouse was unanimously overturned Monday by the Supreme Court.

Update on National Meat Association vs. Brown

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At issue is Section 599f of the California Penal Code, which, among other things, prohibits slaughterhouses from purchasing, receiving, selling, dragging, or pushing non-ambulatory animals, also known as “downers,” and requires immediate euthanasia of such animals. Tags: meat california farm animal welfare factory farm animal law meatpacking Did anyone know this was going on?

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That cub probably lived just as long as any pig does on today’s factory farms…and he at least lived his short life FREE. Chickens, turkeys, pigs and other farmed animals get nothing of the sort. Sorry this post is such a downer… I guess it’s just one of those days.). Tags: Animal Cruelty Animal Welfare Farmed Animals animal suffering pictures animal activism make a difference Veganism wildlife dogs polar bears