The “Aloha Vet” Helps Milo the Surfing Dog

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Tomorrow is the season finale of “Aloha Vet” Watch as Dr. Scott Sims helps Milo the surfing dog, and other animals too! We have a sneak peek to share below: “Aloha Vet” airs Saturdays at 9 PM ET/PT on Nat … Continue reading → The post The “Aloha Vet” Helps Milo the Surfing Dog appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. dogs tv

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Aloha Vet: Babe the Two-Legged Pup Gets Wheels

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This sweet two legged pup gets wheels in the next episode of Aloha Vet. This Saturday, Dr. Sims helps an adorable two-legged dog named Babe become more mobile. Babe visits children’s hospitals and does lots of … Continue reading → The post Aloha Vet: Babe the Two-Legged Pup Gets Wheels appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. dogs tvHow adorable is Babe?

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Healthy pets see their vets! #GetHealthyHappy

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According to a recent petMD poll, nearly 2 in 10 pet owners hadn’t visited their vet for a routine checkup in the past year. Sure a visit to the vet can be a bit stressful sometimes, but it’s so worthwhile! Our dog Baby actually enjoys visiting her “friends” at the vet’s office, partly because she gets to see them so often! All dressed up to visit the vet. Baby visits the vet once a month for shots to help her with her back.

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About a year ago I posted information about the launch of a new stem cell therapy for dogs ( Vet-Stem ). This therapy uses adult stem cells to help injured dogs and dogs suffering from arthritis. I am happy to bring you an update about the company, as the treatment is very promising for our dog companions! Since the launch Vet-Stem has treated more that 1800 dogs and more than 5,000 animals total.

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Do dogs get colds?

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If you have ever wondered if your dog can get a cold, the answer is yes ! Not just dogs though, pet birds, ferrets, and even pet rats are all able to catch a cold from a person. Dogs who have colds exhibit similar symptoms to humans; lethargy, sneezing, runny noses, and watery eyes. If there is also wheezing involved, it is best to take your dog to the vet right away to rule out other problems that have similar symptoms. dogs pet care

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When Vet Bills Get out of Control

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Your dog or cat—your best friend in the world—gets sick. Veterinarians at lower cost facilities undergo the same intense training as vets at state-of-the-art clinics. When it comes to regular vet visits, a low cost vet is always better than no vet at all. Responsible pet owners will find a way to maintain regular vet visits for their pets even in the worst of times. Here’s the scenario.

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Seizures In Dogs: Could Your Dog Have A Seizure?

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Although seizures are rarely fatal, they signal severe problems with the electrical activity in your dog’s brain. Seizures in dogs lasting more than five minutes are especially serious and require emergency veterinary attention. But, any seizure your dog has should be reported to your vet in order to try to determine its cause. A dog having a seizure may appear anxious just before the event occurs and your pet may come to you looking for help.

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Sen. Franken to Introduce Bill to Increase Use of Service Dogs for Vets

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Al Franken (suck on that Bill O'Reilly) has introduced a bill to increase the number of service dogs for vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. My bill will help train a statistically significant number of dogs to measure the benefits to veterans with physical and emotional wounds. The program would be monitored and refined over a three-year period to optimize its effectiveness. Frankly, I believe it is enough simply to improve the lives of those of whom we asked so much.

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Giveaway: It’s a Dog’s Life Journal

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Did you just adopt a dog? The It’s a Dog’s Life Journal: A Journal of Our First Year Together by Knock Knock is an adorable way to record all those firsts together. It is hard bound, with a place to put your dog’s photo on the front cover (where the cartoon dog is now). There is a pocket for keeping memorabilia, and even a very handy vet visit tracker (this is something all pet owners should have). books dogs gifts for pet lovers giveaways

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Give your dog the best dog food for the best health! #GetHealthyHappy

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Dr. Ashley Gallagher, vet at the Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington D.C., explains three easy ways to keep your pet healthy and happy: When you have made the decision to switch your dog or cat’s food to something healthier for them, be sure to transition your pet’s food gradually to avoid stomach upsets. Hill’s has some helpful guidelines for transitioning your dogs or cat’s diet. Win $100 toward your next vet check up and a rebate, too!

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Dog Flu Facts

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H3N8 is the virus that causes flu in dogs, and while there are no known cases of a human catching the flu from their pet, it can be passed from dog to dog. Here are some important dog flu facts: WHAT IS THE DOG FLU? The H3N8 virus, more commonly referred to as the Dog Flu or canine influenza. The dog flu first emerged as a threat in 2004. HOW DO DOGS CONTRACT THE DOG FLU? DOG FLU SYMPTOMS: Fever. Dog Flu vaccine.

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False Pregnancies In Dogs

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A false pregnancy is a term used to describe a female dog showing signs of pregnancy, lactation and nursing, but never produces any puppies. The symptoms of a false pregnancy in dogs usually occur after the estrus stage has finished, and in some cases, may last up to 2 or 3 months. Dogs that have ongoing false pregnancies usually tend to ovulate longer than normal. Symptoms of false pregnancies in dogs. Your dog may have bouts of nausea and vomiting.

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Best Dog Grooming Practices

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The best dog grooming you can provide to your four-legged friend depends on several factors: your budget, the breed, the size of the dog and its personality. The best dog grooming is normally achieved by following a vet’s recommendations. Brushing is the grooming part that most dogs enjoy, and a bright clean coat is the right premise for good health. The brushes have to be adjusted to the dog’s hair.

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Pancreatitis in Dogs

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Just as our dog Baby was fully recovered from her patella surgery, she got very sick this week. The first day at the vet she was given an injection of fluids, and several medications for her to take. Sadly she has even had small seizures due to the pain of the illness and we had her back at the vet’s office again today. The vet gave her a VOM treatment , which seemed to help her for awhile. How do you get your dog’s to take their medications?

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Making Trips to the Vet Easier [Infographic]

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Your dog might understandably be quite apprehensive about going to the vet and the whole experience is often very stressful for them. It’s a trip that they will almost certainly need to make at some point, though, so find out … Continue reading → cats dogs pet care

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Chaser, the dog that knows 1000 words! #Chaser1000

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Most dog lovers will tell you that their dog is smart. In fact, it’s something that dog owners have known for some time, that dogs do indeed know what we are saying. Just try tricking your pup into going to the vet or getting a bath! Well, a dog named Chaser and her beloved owner “Pop-pop” are challenging what science thinks about dogs and language with a vocabulary of 1000 words! The post Chaser, the dog that knows 1000 words!

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Giveaway: Dogswell Dog Food

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Would your dog love to try the a special new food from Dogswell ? We have a 15LB bag to giveaway to one lucky dog owner. Why would you want your dog to eat Nutrisca? Vet Approved. Contains Menhaden Fish Meal & Salmon Oil which Help Dogs’ Coats and Eyes Shine with Omega 3 & DHA. Let us know why your dog would love to try Dogswell’s Nutrisca No Grainer ! The smart choice IS A No Grainer!

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Dogs and Rat Poison

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Many dog owners don’t realize, however, that rat poisons are extremely dangerous for dogs. Dogs eating rat poison is not an uncommon problem for dog owners. Rat poison is made with blood thinners and is designed to cause hemorrhaging in rodents, and will do the same to your dog. If any of these symptoms are present, it is imperative you get to a vet as soon as possible. Dogs eat rat poison because they sometimes mistake it for kibble.

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My Dog Ate What?

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There is a fun and interesting new series starting TONIGHT on Nat Geo Wild called My Dog Ate What? The show is going to reveal amazing and shocking things ingested by dogs. What is the strangest thing your dog has ever swallowed? Is it possible for dogs to eat underwear? It’s no secret that dogs eat amazing things, and sometimes even more astonishing are the miraculous twists that can save their lives. My Dog Ate What?

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It’s a Dog’s Life Journal Giveaway

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Did you just adopt a dog? The It’s a Dog’s Life Journal: A Journal of Our First Year Together by Knock Knock is an adorable way to record all those firsts together. It is hard bound, with a place to put your dog’s photo in the front. There is a pocket for keeping memorabilia, and even a very handy vet visit tracker (this is something all pet owners should have). Maybe you or someone you know is adding a puppy to their family soon?

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What Foods you should Avoid Feeding your Dog?

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Dogs seem like pretty hardy animals for the most part, perfectly capable of eating all sorts of foods. You should avoid feeding your dog the following foods. Your dog should stay away from avocados, grapes, raisins, persimmons, peaches, and plums. Avocados contain persin, which in large amounts can be toxic to dogs and other domestic animals. Grapes and raisins have been linked to kidney failure in dogs. It doesn’t take much salt to make a dog sick.

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What To Do If Your Dog Gets A Cold

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But having a cold is not just exclusive to us humans as our beloved pet dogs can get a cold too. But how do we determine if our dog has a cold? And most importantly, what to do if your dog gets a cold? Below are some facts and tips on what to do if this does happen do your dog. Here is a fact that you might not have considered… Dogs are more exposed to germs and microorganisms than us humans, especially ones that spend any time outdoors.

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Dog Appeasing Pheromone

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Dog appeasing pheromone (DAP) is a clinically proven solution developed especially for dogs to help them deal with unsettling events that cause fear and stress. Summer thunderstorms, celebrations with fireworks, and many other events that seem to come with the season, can cause a lot of erratic behavior in our dogs. The DAP provides a gentle solution by mimicking the same natural pheromone released by a mother dog to calm her pups.

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Dog Whisperer: Pekaso and Yogi & Smokey

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A new episode of Dog Whisperer is airing on National Geographic channel tomorrow night (Friday, October 23 at 9PM ET/PT). Pekaso refuses dog food and gets freaked out by the ripples in the water dish; she’s even become so dehydrated Daniel had to take her to the vet. Cesar works to repaint this dog’s canvas. It’s so bad that when the dogs are in the house, she has to keep them in separate rooms. Tags: tv websites dog whisperer nat geo shows

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Can dogs eat human foods?

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The vet at Pet Food Selector has complied a comprehensive list of human foods and their safety for dogs. We love this handy infographic that they created as a quick guide for what to give your dog, and which foods … Continue reading → The post Can dogs eat human foods? dogs pet care

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#DogProblems giveaway!

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The team at Purina Veterinary Diets is igniting a conversation around common #DogProblems, like gas (oh, dog gas can be almost deadly, can’t it?!). The hope is to get concerned owners to talk to their vet about pet food allergies – they even created a Symptom Checker for people to learn more about the topic. They are also taking a humorous approach, creating some funny dog memes about common dog problems. dogs giveaways pet care

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Look After Your Dog’s Health – Buy Them Premium Foods

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Dog food plays an important role in not only feeding your dog but improving vitality by preventing certain health problems from occurring in the future and combating difficulties your dog may already be facing. Feeding your dog the right food now can avoid a costly trip to the vet later on. The Eukanuba range has an extensive selection of different foods for dogs with a variety of conditions.

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Managing Emotional Problems in Rescue Dogs

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Many dogs are rescued out of abusive or traumatic situations, causing them to exhibit a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems. Sadly, however, one of the reasons people are hesitant to adopt these dogs is because of the assumption that such dogs are always “damaged goods,&# and can’t be re-trained. Before I ever started with the training of Juliet and Foxy, I arranged for vet appointments. We also slowly began socializing them to other dogs.

Looking after your dog’s joints.

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The agonizing ailment targets a dog’s joints, usually around the paws, shoulders and lowers back. They say dogs are like their owners and this is true, regarding joints. Just like humans, dogs depend on joints for flexibility and movement. This would be no different for your dog and so when their joints are affected, they are unable to do even the simplest of tasks. Unlike their owners, dogs cannot vocalise how they feel.

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Which Food Is Better for Your Dog?

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If you consider how much effort you put into choosing the right foods and making sure that you eat a nutritious and enjoyable meal three times a day for yourself, don’t you think you should be putting at least some effort into finding out which food is best for your dog? Something responsible dog owners should ask themselves is the question, is your dog getting the nutrients it needs? Eukanuba dog food is highly nutritious and comes in both dry and wet varieties.

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Paws For The Balkans

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World Vets is deploying to the region to provide support for animals that have been impacted by this disaster. Animals are often not the primary focus during massive disasters and World Vets is committed to bridging this gap and helping them during their greatest time of need. Please join BlogPaws, Pet 360 and World Vets in the global disaster response effort to the Bosnia and Serbia flooding. BlogPaws dogs people helping animals

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12 Tips for new dog owners.

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This is a great article, and while it is geared towards the new dog at the White House, the tips are important for anyone who is getting ready to welcome a new furry friend into the family. 12 Tips for the Obama Family and Their New Adopted Dog, Bo. But these tips aren’t just for the First Family, they are for all dog guardians welcoming a new canine member into their family. But first, if adopted, determine what the dog was previously used to.

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Rescue Spotlight: Baja Dogs La Paz

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The vet supplied information on where the owners lived. After more than 2 years working with Baja Dogs, we still hadn’t heard that one. The Vet said Chicharito was in too much pain and that he had to be fixed immediately. A few hours later, the Vet said Chicharito would be fine; the leg had healed so they just removed the plate. Two days later Chicharito was already a different dog.

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Service Members Get a Second Chance with Service Dogs

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The Dublin Dog Foundation (DDF) has partnered with Freedom Service Dogs, Inc. The DDF will be raising $20,000 for the training and care of a service dog (including medical bills, training and food) which will be donated to one lucky war vet from the FSD group. DDF will raise the money for the service dog by raffling off a used Jeep that features a custom paint job and custom parts. About The Dublin Dog Foundation. The DDF is separate from Dublin Dog Co.,

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Simple tips for happy pets. #GetHappyHealthy

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While regular vet visits and proper nutrition are the foundation, your pet’s mental well being is just as important! Be sure to read to the end of the article too, Hill’s is giving away dog and cat “little extras” bundles. Starting a grooming routine early will help your dog get used to, and start to enjoy, being brushed. But grooming can be about more than just brushing your dog’s coat! Win a Little Extras prize pack from Hill’s for your cat or dog.

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Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy #GetHealthyHappy

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Regular Vet Visits. Did you know that not visiting a vet for a year is like you avoiding your doctor for five years? Regular vet visits are important for many reasons, and can help your vet notice any problems early. Regular visits also gives your vet the opportunity to get to know your pets, making it easier to detect changes in their health and behavior. Luckily, your vet can help recommend the best food for your pet.

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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

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Choosing to adopt a dog rather than get one at the pet store (or what some like to refer to as “puppy mill”) is a beautiful thing—essentially you are saving a poor pup from euthanasia and you’re providing a an animal with a good home. You want to make sure that you are truly ready—returning a dog can leave the animal with even more post-traumatic stress and may even be put to sleep if no one else wants it.

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Pets Aplenty Blog Tour

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Pets Aplenty is a humorous book written by Malcolm Welshman, a retired vet who has worked at London Zoo, in a small animal hospital, and as a consultant dealing with exotics. He has written for newspapers such as The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail and national magazines including The Lady, Yours, Cat World and Dogs Today and was the My Weekly vet for fifteen years. This is actually the third book in his vet series.

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Back to School with PetMD University

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Of course, it didn’t hurt that all the topics were about dogs and cats, and how we can help them live healthy, happy lives. It’s easy to get started, just create your free account, choose dog or cat, and then enroll in the courses you most want to know about. For my first course I enrolled in Exercising with your Dog. I just signed up for the course called Dogs: Being Social and Being Alone. cats dogs pet care websites

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Nutrition for Dogs: Choosing the Right Food for Your Canine Companion

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Feed healthy food to your dog. But just like with people, the quality of your dog’s diet can dramatically affect their short and long-term health. Many pet owners are surprised when they change their dogs’ diet to a higher quality food. The pet parent immediately notices better teeth, coat and skin changes in their dog. Ingredients in Dog Food. Filler and Additives in Dog Food. Just like people, preservatives and filler items are not good for dogs.

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Lick Granuloma

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Lick granuloma is a serious skin problem in dogs and occurs when dogs continuously lick a certain area, which then becomes inflamed and sore. Lick granuloma is a vicious cycle as constant licking of the skin creates irritation and pain which then causes more licking and dog scratching. You should seek advice from your vet to discover the underlying causal factor whether it be behavioural or physiological.

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How to Identify Food Intolerances in Pets

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What causes food sensitivity in dogs and how can you treat it? It might surprise you to learn that according to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association approximately 10% to %15 of dogs are prone to developing food allergies or food intolerance before they reach the age of 4. A dog can develop food allergy or food sensitivity for the same reason as we can. How to treat food intolerance and food allergy in dogs? Treating dogs with food allergies.

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Are you ready to get a dog?

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The idea of owning a dog is alluring for many of us. That adorable bundle of fur with puppy-dog eyes, and the promise to be your best friend forever, is surely going to tug at anyone’s heartstrings. But, putting emotions aside, owning a dog is a massive responsibility and requires considerable thought before you make the commitment. Owning a dog is a huge commitment, so be sure to ask yourself these questions first: Why do you want a dog? dogs guest post

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