Parks and Public Lands Win at the Polls

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The measure did not affect the transportation of oil and natural gas products that were produced outside the state’s waters.”. Denver, Colorado. Voters across the country support environmentally conscious ballot initiatives. Voters in several states had the opportunity to express their support (or condemnation) of various environmental (or anti-environmental) issues respectively in the recent election cycle.

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Questionable Practices at the Calgary Zoo

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Incidents include a hippo who died in transport from Denver and a Turkmenian markhor, a species of wild goat, hung itself at the zoo after becoming trapped by a rope. Another animal dies at the Calgary Zoo and more questions are being raised about their practices. Look at all these incidents that have occurred there (listed in the Montreal Gazette article in the above link).I I don't track zoos, but this seems like an unusually high number of casualties.

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The Case for Adding the U.S. Territories in the Caribbean to the ABA Area

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The capital is San Juan, an important center of Caribbean culture and transportation. For comparison: Atlanta to Denver is 1,200 miles, Atlanta to San Francisco is 2,100 miles, and Atlanta to Honolulu is 4,500 miles. I recently asked whether Puerto Rico should be part of the American Birding Association’s ABA Area. That post led to a spirited discussion on the ABA Facebook page.

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