FL Animal Control Conducts Bizarre Experiment

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It was an "experiment" you see, even though they are just Animal Control, not a research facility. Clay County violated five federal animal welfare regulations in a in September 2008 experiment that involved putting a dog in a non-air-conditioned truck for an hour at midday, according to a U.S. Tags: animal cruelty Stupid USDA animal welfare us News of the Weird Owners claim dog died from being in non-ventilated Animal Control vehicle.

Key AETA Supporter Suspended Over Animal Welfare

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From Current.com She was recently suspended from working with animals, a “rare move prompted by what officials called a ‘clear pattern’ of problems with animal welfare.” Michelle Basso was a researcher at the University of Wisconsin who worked with primates. She testified in favor of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Now, she's been suspended from working with animals.

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Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

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Over at Animal Rights and AntiOppression , we’ve been discussing tactics and sharing our thoughts and experiences about what works and doesn’t work when it comes to advocacy. Herzog states, “The awkward fact is that most wanton animal cruelty is not perpetrated by inherently bad kids but by normal children who will eventually grow up to be good citizens” (34). .

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IFAW rescuers have mobilized to Japan

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Rescuers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW – www.ifaw.org ) have mobilized to Japan to conduct an assessment and assist with animal rescue efforts following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. Collectively, the group has the greatest amount of animal rescue experience in the world and will be in a position to provide subject matter experts and advise local groups who are planning larger recovery projects.

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From Today's New York Times

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But bulls are not cars, but rather living beings that experience pain and suffering. The use of animals in entertainment when animal cruelty is involved is deplorable, whether it is dog fighting or bull riding. Brad Goldberg President, Animal Welfare Trust Mamaroneck, N.Y., To the Editor: Re “ An 8-Second Ride Lures Sponsors Beyond the Rodeo ” (Advertising column, Dec. 11): So bull riding could represent the next big thing in corporate sports sponsorship.

Flight to Freedom

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Pat Derby, President and Founder of the Performing Animal Welfare Society, said, “Animal Defenders International contacted PAWS last year about providing a permanent home for the African lions remaining in Bolivia. ADI’s Mission: To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals wherever possible to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and the environment.

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