Coast Guard Defends Medical Practice on Animals

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Live anesthetized goats have been used in Coast Guard training to treat combat wounds, but the agency could not verify if the video involved its personnel. The courses do involve “live tissue training using live animals,” Lt. I knew the military in general used animals for combat medical practice.hadn't thought of the Coast Guard though. PETA leads the charge against the Coast Guard. For the full story, go here to the Washington Post.

On Flourless Cakes and Injuries

Animal Person

What we couldn't see until her leg was shaved was that next to the deep wound is a large bloody bump of a wound. And of course, Emily is just as opinionated and irritable as ever, and still shows no sign of dying from her FIP. This, dear readers, is my new obsession.

H. J. McCloskey on Punishment of Cruelty to Animals

Animal Ethics

We accept that the state has the right to ban cruelty to animals, even when such cruelty is in the interests of the person being cruel, for example, of the greyhound owner who trains his dog on cats, first removing the cat's claws to protect his dog from injury, or of the householder who half-starves his dog so that he can have an extra beer or two, or of the person who hunts kangaroos, wounding many and killing a few, for the fun of the sport.