Mangrove Birds of Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, mangrove forests grow on both coasts but are much more common on the Pacific because there are more places where estuaries flow into bays and other shallow, coastal waters. Such protection is vital for this pair of mangrove specialists because they are barely hanging on.

Quality Lowland Caribbean Birding in Costa Rica at Centro Manu

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Go to Costa Rica and you will be looking at other birds but you can still get in some Caribbean slope birding. In birding circles, we refer to the northern and eastern part of Costa Rica as the Caribbean Slope. Destinations Costa Rica

Grouse in PA, Grouse in Costa Rica

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“Gamebirds” to some, cool, cryptic understory birds to the birding people, grouse crouch protected as unfettered winds sway the top of the tall prairie grass. Fast forwarding to Costa Rica, to be honest, you won’t find any grouse around here.

Check out Birding Experiences in Costa Rica

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Birding Experiences is a Costa Rican company owned and run by enthusiastic birdwatchers from Costa Rica. Promote bird protection and conservation. In brief, birds are our passion, and we would love to help organize your birdwatching trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Birding in Quetzal Valley

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Even better, this site near San Ramon, Costa Rica is almost too accessible. This important site also acts as the perfect, outdoor teaching lab, a place where people can learn about birds from local guides who are invested in the appreciation and protection of the cloud forest.

February Birds from Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, February is a different birding story. Thanks to protection, tame and easy to see at various sites! that are fairly common in Costa Rica. One of six toucan species in Costa Rica, fairly common at sites with rainforest.

Yard List Birding in Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, official, enforced quarantine hasn’t happened yet. At the moment, thanks to the government getting serious about this darn thing earlier rather than later, the number of new cases per day in Costa Rica has been very much linear in nature.

Urban Birding in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is well known for national parks and other protected areas than offer access to tropical ecosystems dripping with biodiversity. In Costa Rica’s Central Valley, the former denizens of moist tropical forest and brushy wetlands have had to adapt to a mosaic of agriculture, gardens, and wooded remnants mostly restricted to riparian zones. In Costa Rica, the Crimson-fronted Parakeet can nest in buildings and forages in a variety of fruiting trees.

Millions of Red-eyed Vireos, Eastern Kingbirds, Chimney Swifts in Costa Rica- All Heading North

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A male Turquoise Cotinga from southern Costa Rica. As they make their incredible, biannual winged trek, they also pass through Costa Rica. Cliff Swallow , one of many million that migrated through Costa Rica. Destinations Costa Rica migration

Urban Nature Persists in San Joaquin, Heredia, Costa Rica, May 4th, 2021

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In birding circles, Costa Rica is better known for protected areas, quetzal tours, and glittering displays of hummingbirds than the things that fly in urban spots. I mean, who comes to Costa Rica to bird on city streets? Destinations Costa Rica

Come to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in Costa Rica!

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Welcome back to the paradise of birding in the Arenal region of Costa Rica! Our elevation (1080 to 1150 feet) places us in what is called seasonal rainforest, but we are contiguous to the higher elevation Children’s Eternal Rainforest and connected reserves, comprising almost 250,000 acres of protected habitat from our farm to the top of the cloud forest. The post Come to Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in Costa Rica!

Snow in Costa Rica!

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It was already dark in mid-October when we arrived to the Costa Rican birding mecca of Rancho Naturalista to have dinner on the veranda but then were interrupted with a call: There’s a Mottled Owl at the other side! Belonging to the Caribbean foothills biome, Rancho Naturalista has the fourth longest eBird list among the hotspots of Costa Rica: 478 species, including 36 raptors and 38 hummingbirds. I found the snow in Costa Rica, the endemic Snowcap hummingbird, that is.

The Benefits of Pre-Dawn Birding in Costa Rica

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Situated well off the beaten track and at the end of long, bumpy roads, Cangreja National Park is one of the less frequently visited protected areas in Costa Rica. The post The Benefits of Pre-Dawn Birding in Costa Rica appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

Recent Changes to the Costa Rica Bird List

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If a list also shows the status for each species, birders on their way to Costa Rica would realize that they shouldn’t really expect vireos with white eyes nor blue heads (but would hopefully know that they should very much report those species on eBird so local birders can chase them!). We have an official list for Costa Rica and, as with other lists, our’s is dynamic. The harrier that reaches Costa Rica is a rare but regular winter visitor.

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The First Bird Tracking Station Is Up and Running in Costa Rica

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In October, it’s what’s happening in Costa Rica. Our big month of bird movements in Costa Rica, the 10th month of the year, is when most of the swallows, Scarlet Tanagers , thrushes, and other species on the South American express push through. Some stop right in front of our place in the urbanized intermontane valley where the majority of Costa Ricans reside. What Scarlet Tanagers look like in October Costa Rica. Bird migration!

2019 83

Birding News from Costa Rica at the Start of the Pandemic

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As the pandemic suddenly gained speed and we saw our first cases in Costa Rica, we realized that we were in for some big changes. Folks can leave but they can’t come back and residents of Costa Rica who arrive after this date will be in for a two week quarantine.

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The Top 25 Target Birds to Look for in Costa Rica

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Although it’s feasible and fairly easy to see Great Tinamou at some sites in Costa Rica, in most other places, the time investment needed to see one usually relegates it to the “heard only” category. In defense of target birding, in most cases, sacrificing sightings of other species isn’t even necessary to see our “most wanted” As is often the case in Costa Rica and elsewhere, the rare species are found in the birdiest, high quality habitats.

2019 67

Reminders and Perils of Fall Migration in Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, it’s also happening, not as in full force mode as the temperate north but that will change in a month when we see thousands of Eastern Wood-pewees , flocks of Eastern Kingbirds , and other species hurrying their way to South America. However, even now, the ancient movements of birds between summer breeding grounds and tropical wintering places have been taking place in Costa Rica. Millions of Cliff Swallows pass through Costa Rica.

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The “Turkeys” of Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, although I did spend a memorable one years ago in the Osa Peninsula where flocks of parrots flew into the mangroves while we feasted on turkey, pie, and the works, we have no actual Wild Turkeys , nor an official Thanksgiving. The turkeys I’m talking about up in here are three of the five members of the Cracidae family that occur in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, it’s pretty common and easy to see in and near just about any protected forest.

Kicking Off the Bird Count Season at Cangreja, Costa Rica

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December is a busy time in Costa Rica. “Cangreja” means crab in Spanish and refers to the shape of the mid-sized peak at the center of the protected area. On account of its remote nature, this is one of the lesser known protected areas in Costa Rica but that doesn’t keep it from being an excellent area for birding. The White-vented Euphonia is more forest based than other euphonia species in Costa Rica.

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The Scarlet Pacific of Costa Rica

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That was my first ever beach on the Pacific Ocean (Costa Rica offered me so many easy ways out of that molesting question that I sometimes ask myself: When was the last time I did something for the first time?). This park protects the primary rainforest of the Tarcoles River basin, together with the one of the three remaining populations of Scarlet Macaws in the country. Part one: An Absolute Beginner in Costa Rica. Trips bird race Costa Rica

How to Help Cerulean Warblers, Other Migrant Species, and Resident Birds in Costa Rica

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However, fortunately for birders in Costa Rica, we also have an important wood-warbler hotspot. Ernesto and another local guide and ornithologist, Juan Diego Vargas, have theorized that Las Brisas might be situated at a strategic point where Ceruleans and other migrants make their first stop after flying from another important stopover point in Belize and Guatemala because more seem to be seen at Las Brisas than other sites with similar habitats in Costa Rica.

2019 62

Bird Migration and Conservation Meet at Selva Bananito, Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, October is our May. Most of them fly on the Caribbean side, especially along the coast south of Limon, and that’s why I guided the Birding Club of Costa Rica down that way this past weekend. Here are some highlights and observations of that very birdy weekend at Selva Bananito: There are a lot of pewees that pass through Costa Rica : Based on past experiences of pewee mania, I already knew this to be the case but this trip really took the cake.

The Raptor Situation in Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, we have more than our fair share. This basically means that it’s not easy being a raptor in Costa Rica. While there’s a lot of protected habitat, with so many other raptors and birds to compete with, each species has a pretty small population. In fact, because the numbers are so small, I bet we could get a fair estimate about the numbers of every raptor species in Costa Rica with a bit of effort.

Confessions from a Christmas Bird Count in Costa Rica

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As for myself, since I live in Costa Rica, I usually put the focus on birding and/or birds in this small yet very bio-rich country. These disclosures are related to a recent Christmas Bird Count that took place in Costa Rica, the 2017 Arenal Bird Count to be exact. Believe it or not, some long-time birders in Costa Rica downplay toucans. Other advantages are doing the count at one of Costa Rica’s hidden birding gems, Finca Luna Nueva.

Which Bird Species Have Gone Extinct in Costa Rica?

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When Costa Rica becomes a topic of conversation, we don’t usually hear the word “extinction” being thrown around. But how about when the Costa Rica conversation involves a birder? Not that long ago, Costa Rica had one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, rainforests were razed to make way for hot and chiggery cattle pasture, and bot flies probably became more numerous than some bird populations.

Expectations and Suggestions for Caribbean Lowland Birding in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is situated right between two oceans. Over there on the Caribbean (that’s what we call the Atlantic Ocean in Costa Rica), the lowlands are supposed to be blanketed in lush, over-vegetated rainforests. Fortunately, nowadays, there are protected areas and efforts to establish biological corridors that provide more hope for the endangered Great Green Macaw, and other species. Destinations Costa Rica

A Review of 101 + Common Birds of Costa Rica- A Birder’s Companion

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Costa Rica is a small yet very birdy country (readers may have gotten that impression on previous posts I have written for 10,000 Birds, at least I hope that has been the case!). To give an idea of what I mean by “birdy”, although Costa Rica is similar in size to West Virginia, more than 920 species have been recorded within the borders of this southern Central American country. Is this a definitive field guide to various common birds in Costa Rica?

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End of the Road Birding in Costa Rica at Luna Lodge

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Thanks to fortunate foresight, a lot of land was set aside in Costa Rica as national parks and protected areas (and some of these are easily accessed) but the best forest still happens to be at the terminus of the road and en route, you will be treated to species deficit birding in plenty of pastures. In Costa Rica, one of the best “end of the road” places for birding and getting crazy with biodiversity is the Osa Peninsula.

Some Birds to See in Costa Rica around Carara National Park

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Carara National Park isn’t just any old protected area. It’s one of the top birding hotspots in Costa Rica and Central America. Actually, it’s not really the park on its own that is responsible for such accolades but the protected area in conjunction with the surrounding mega blend of habitats that include rainforest, tropical dry forest, mangroves, an estuary, and the usual addition of open fields and second growth that always boost the bird list.

2016 59

A Comparison of Birding in Costa Rica and Eilat, Israel

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Then I wake up, eventually realize that I am back in Costa Rica, and find myself thinking about birding here and birding there. Here are some: Mega migration : We bear witness to some serious migration in Costa Rica. In tropical Costa Rica, we have our fair share of exotic, cool-looking creatures. Snowy Cotinga – one of those cool, exotic birds from Costa Rica. Trogons are fairly common in Costa Rica.

Big Day Birding in Costa Rica- Strategies and Constraints

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Witnessing the Champions of the Flyway race, seeing social media coverage of the World Series of Birding, participating in the Global Big Day, and doing my own on April 24th has got me thinking about strategies for better Big Days in Costa Rica. That said, last fall, all of the right parts fell into place for Ernesto Carman and Jairo Jimenez on October 15th when they identified 351 species in Costa Rica in less than 24 hours ! competitions big day Costa Rica

Where to Stay on Your First Day of Birding in Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, since winter doesn’t exist, June is kind of like every other month except that it rains more and the little summer of San Juan is right around the corner. This break from the rain coincides with two weeks off from school, and also makes a perfect excuse for visiting Costa Rica during the summer. Costa Rica is so compact, you could spend the first night in just about any of the major biomes in the country. Destinations Costa Rica

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Zamora Estate… Avian-rich Eco-Luxury in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica enjoys an international reputation as an iconic birding location, bursting with epic Neotropical species and breathtaking natural attractions. Understandably, certain lodges have, over the years, come to be associated with the Costa Rican birding circuit. Stay at Zamora Estate and you’ll have a chance to enjoy what will undoubtedly be a future fixture in the firmament of Costa Rican birding ecotourism. Trips Costa Rica eco-lodge hotel zamora estate

Grassy Green Space in the Central Valley- Trash Habitat or Prime Real Estate for Oddball Birds?

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When looking for birds in Costa Rica, the Central Valley isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Range maps show the small bird reaching its northern limits in southern Costa Rica, over there on the other side of the mountains. Destinations Costa Rica

Enjoy Innovative Electronic Music = Help Endangered Birds

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Speaking of Costa Rica, any purchase of tracks, the digital album, tee-shirts and other merchandise will help with conservation of the Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager. Destinations Caribbean Costa Rica MexicoDo you want to help endangered birds?

2020 80

Parrots in My Costa Rican Neighborhood

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Costa Rica is a country situated well south of the Tropic of Cancer and like most places without a winter, parrots are an essential part of the local avifauna. Bird Costa Rica and you have a pretty good chance of seeing these common parrots and parakeets.

Where America dreams of/goes birding?

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21%: Costa Rica. The high position of Costa Rica comes as no surprise and yet, with more than one fifth of the total votes, I was a bit surprised how strong its 1st place is. Interestingly, the respondents felt no need to further elaborate why, presuming that everyone knows why they should bird Costa Rica. Trips Africa Australia Brazil Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador New Guinea Panama Peru world birdwatch

2019 70

The Little Big Year: Week 40 – Last week in CR, and The Quetzal!

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Our trip to Costa Rica has come to an end, and sadly, it ended with one of the best weeks of birding in the entire year. There is no way this week could have been as excellent as it was without a huge amount of help from the Costa Rica Birders and their “network”. I have to send out a huge Thank You to 10000 Birds Beat Writer in Costa Rica, Patrick O’Donnell for all his help in our planning as well as providing some amazing contacts.

2018 63

Birding in Costa Rica, Birding in Guatemala

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In addition to Spanish, several other languages continue to be spoken, the pines and cypress trees of the Guatemalan highlands only occur as introduced species once you travel south of Nicaragua, and dozens of bird species that occur in Costa Rica and Panama don’t even make it to Nicaragua. Recently, I was witness to the differences in birding between the northern part of this region and Costa Rica during a week of guiding in Guatemala.

Avian Gems of the Caribbean Foothills

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One of those transition areas is my favorite habitat in Costa Rica because it blends the richness of lowland avifauna with some aspects of the highlands along with a local set of restricted bird species. Although the prospect of rare and little known birds is always a draw, the slightly cooler temperatures and dripping mossy vegetation of foothill forests likewise make them an attractive place to visit, and in Costa Rica, another bonus comes into play for birding foothill forests.

2017 51

Breeding Bird Count on Poas Volcano

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In Costa Rica, June is breeding bird count season. Protected area or not, there has been change in the air, and we need to see how the birds are responding. Most, like the Black-thighed Grosbeak, are also endemic to Costa Rica and Panama. Destinations breeding bird Costa RicaWe have counts in gardens, counts in parks, and count routes in many parts of the country.

2016 40

Christmas Counting in Arenal, Costa Rica

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Although this tradition started in the temperate zone, we also celebrate it in Costa Rica with counts that are more like organized events featuring vendors, talks, sponsors, and, best of all, an awesome birding tee-shirt. White-fronted Nunbirds : These coral-beaked rainforest birds are always a highlight when birding in Costa Rica. This research station protects a large area of intact foothill rainforest connected to the bigger Arenal-Monteverde forest block.