Ezra Klein Bemoans Vegetarian Fare at Restaurants

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Ezra Klein talks about the lack of vegetarian options at a restaurant he attended. Why do people assume that vegetarians eat nothing but vegetables? But this is another example of the general ignorance displayed in restaurants and cooking shows like Top Chef. Tags: restaurants vegetarian food This is an article that really hits the mark. We eat LOTS of things. I find it very insulting that we are pigeon-holed in our food choices.

Why Top Chef Makes Me So Mad

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Vegetarians and vegans know that you get protein from vegetables. Is that all these people can cook? Today's vile episode is one featuring French cooking. I have yet to see an episode featuring vegetarian cooking. Vegetarians are far more predominant than people who go to snooty French restaurants. Add cooking schools to the list of animal exploitation promoters, along with medical schools. Tags: exotic meats meat cooking

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Ezra Klein Discusses Meals Without Meat

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I know some people won't read this piece simply because Ezra Klein is not vegan or even vegetarian, but I think he makes some excellent points. And, as one chef put it, cooks use meat to "express themselves." It's not about cooking "vegetarian," but cooking food you like that doesn't have meat. Tags: meat meat alternatives restaurants vegetarian meatless

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Gordon Ramsey Disappoints Me

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But, according to my husband, the guy hates vegetarians and won't allow his daughter to marry one. Tags: cooking food I know, I know, I shouldn't be surprised. The guy is a real jerk on Hell's Kitchen, but we watch him on the British show Kitchen Nightmares and I've learned a lot from the guy. He's more human and sensitive on the show. And he has such a sense and love of food. What the f^&^! What is so threatening to chefs like Ramsey and David Chang?

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 11 of 13

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For an explanation of this feature, click on “Moral Vegetarianism” at the bottom of this post. The Argument from Human Grain Shortage All of the clearly moral arguments for vegetarianism given so far have been in terms of animal rights and suffering. New moral vegetarianism, however, rests on moral arguments couched in terms of human welfare. exports of grain for that year and was enough to feed every human being with more than a cup of cooked grain every day for a year.

A Plant-Based Diet is Good for Your Heart

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In the past month, however, he and my mother have been eating almost exclusively vegetarian, and have even switched from using butter (a staple for them) to using Earth Balance. My mom asked me for healthy vegan recipes, and has been cooking completely differently than she had been. Usually I say that when people start eating healthy vegetarian food, they WON’T miss meat, but my dad was just such a meat lover that I didn’t know if that would be the case.

New Book on Animal Rights Activism

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The most constructive part of the book (and possibly the most shocking to those who are only peripherally familiar with the vegetarian movement and who might therefore expect radicalism) is the authors' discussion of tolerance in all activities. For instance, they caution that if "we're at a restaurant and there's a veggie burger on the menu but we give the server the third degree about the ingredients or about how it was cooked, we're most likely doing more harm than good."

On Talking With Veterinarians About Vegan Food

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Home cooking for Violet was difficult because her carb/protein/fat ratios need to be consistent in order for her blood sugar to be predictable. I had to make exactly the same meal for her every day, so I moved to using Natural Balance Vegetarian kibble (note that the canned version is not vegan due to the animal source of Vitamin D3). Tags: Books Current Affairs Ethics Food and Drink Gray Matters

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