The Conflict Between Animal Welfare and Agribusiness

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It spotlights the Humane Society, but I think it's a pretty universal comparison. Tags: corporate lies humane society agriculture agribusiness This article pretty much sums up how the two agendas are simply at cross-purposes. Compassion is perceived to hurt profits.

On a New Level of Absurdity in the Slaughter Business

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Bea sent me a link to an article in Gourmet called " Humane Slaughterhouses ," by Rebecca Marx, that is absurd. They believe you can take a life that doesn't want to be taken in a humane way, and I don't agree. And when that happens, you know what direction you're headed: the justification of taking the lives of sentient nonhumans to please the palates of humans. It’s how we treat humans, too.

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German Court Bans PETA "Holocaust" Campaign

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The German constitutional court has ruled that animal rights organisation PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) must end its campaign in which it draws a comparison between the Holocaust and industrial farming. PETA wants to run a campaign that compares factory farming to the Holocaust. Touchy subject there in Germany.

Getting Emotional

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What immediately hit me after getting so emotional about this is how nature is kind in comparison to the horrible cruelties humans impose on non-human animals, especially “food&# animals. I mean, how can a human being be so incredibly heartless? How do you find the energy sometimes to go about your every day life when you know how much suffering there is in the world around you - human and non-human?

Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

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The bottom line is that there are many reasons why human-animal interactions are so often inconsistent and paradoxical. Thousands of studies have demonstrated that human thinking about nearly everything is surprisingly irrational” (65). .

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On "Wild Justice"

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" Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals ," By Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, is the most recent (for me) book that debunks myths about the differences between human and nonhuman animals. The scientific investigation of morality, in humans and nonhumans alike, is in its infancy" (39).

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Eyesight of Man’s Best Friend

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We take a look into how man’s best friends see and how good their vision really is in comparison to that of a human’s. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can see in colour; however they can’t see the full range of colour that humans can.

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Why I Question Animal Testing 2.2

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From what I recall, chimpanzees share at least 95 percent of human DNA, although the number that floats around the most is 98.6 If chimpanzees have consciousness, if they are capable of abstractions, do they not have what until now has been described as "human rights"? If they are "only" animals, if they are beasts which abstract not, then my comparison is a piece of sentimental foolishness. I particularly question the use of chimpanzees in medical research.

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Earth Day Giveaway!

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Only soy-based inks used for all package printing - Soy-based inks require substantially less energy to produce in comparison to standard petroleum-based inks, and also help reduce air pollution.


Animal Ethics

It will be said that animal husbandry is one of the most inefficient and destructive industries on the planet, and that the planet cannot survive unless humans change their diets. Force, coercion, and manipulation, by comparison, are inferior on each score. I believe that as time passes, humans will, for various reasons, change their diets. Still others will do so because they believe, rightly or wrongly, that vegetarianism (or demi-vegetarianism) is good for human beings.

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 12 of 13

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The Argument from Brutalization The previous argument was based on an alleged indirect effect on human beings of not eating meat. Conversely, vegetarianism, it is argued, tends to humanize people. This argument can have a strong or weak form depending on what is meant by “brutalize” and “humanize.” I have argued that there is no incompatibility between being a nonvegetarian and advocating the painless and humane treatment of animals.

Gardner Williams (1895-1972) on Wronging Animals

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But enlightened public opinion in human society approves of man's carnivorous behavior. An accurate quantitative comparison of the value he gains with that which the lamb loses is really impossible. But an accurate quantitative comparison of how he feels about eating them and about letting them live is made every time he chooses between these alternatives. Love demands, as every interest demands, that it should dominate life completely.

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M. P. Golding on Animal Rights

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It may also be the case that their rights (if they have any) are, because of the nature of their interests, so insignificant in comparison with those of humans that they hardly deserve the appellation. ( Golding , "Towards a Theory of Human Rights," The Monist 52 [October 1968]: 521-49, at 545-6 [italics in original; footnotes omitted]) Note from KBJ: Is an animal (i.e., One aspect of the question of whether animals have rights may now be treated.

Jan Narveson on Moral Vegetarianism

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What the utilitarian who defends human carnivorousness must say, then, is something like this: that the amount of pleasure which humans derive per pound of animal flesh exceeds the amount of discomfort and pain per pound which are inflicted on the animals in the process, all things taken into account. For we must realize that the question is whether this justifies the eating of animals in comparison with alternatives.

Make sure you look after your pet with insurance

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A similar problem is also occurring in the United States, where the Humane society of the United states claims that up to 8 million animals enter animal shelters each year, showing that this is an international problem. A price comparison on money supermarket for dog insurance showed that it can cost as little as $14.31 According to the RSPCA, in 2008 there was a 57% increase in the number of animals abandoned by their owners in the UK.

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