“FedEx Panda Express” Brings Giant Pandas to France

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“The arrival of Huan Huan and Yuan Zi is a historic eventfor ZooParc de Beauval, marking the accomplishment of a great collaboration with China and a lifelong commitment to animals and their protection. Two giant pandas made their way from China to ZooParc de Beauval in France today.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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I think he also doesn't know that not all of us think that chasing down Class B dealers is as important as working to shut down animal experimentation and create more alternatives. To this day, 95 percent of the animals used in research labs receive no federal protection whatsoever under the Animal Welfare Act." The animal-welfare groups have failed in their most ambitious efforts to protect laboratory rodents. "We

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H. J. McCloskey on Punishment of Cruelty to Animals

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[T]here is another class of cases where the state is accorded the right to interfere with the individual when he is not interfering with any other person, namely, where cruelty to animals is involved. Certainly a strange mode of justification is offered along the lines of interpreting animals as weaker members of the community, as individuals who cannot protect their own interests, and who therefore need the sort of protection extended to others such as children, lunatics, etc.,

H. B. Acton (1908-1974) on Animal Rights

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If a legal right is an interest or expectation protected by law, then it follows that, under the Protection of Animals Act (1911), domestic and captive animals in England have rights, in that they are protected against being cruelly beaten, kicked, ill-treated, over-ridden, over-driven, over-loaded, tortured, infuriated, or terrified. If we say they have, we class them with beings the rest of whom are capable of duties.

Prima Facie vs. Ultima Facie Wrongness

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Dr. Dean Ornish has also documented the heart-protective effects of plant-based diets, as has Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic. Jonathan Hubbell, a philosophy major at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the newest member of the Animal Ethics blog, and once again, I would like to welcome him aboard.

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