Black-backed Woodpeckers and Forest Fires in California and the West

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I didn’t know what species of woodpecker it was, but I knew it was just in the clearing on the other side of the road. Black-backed Woodpeckers are non-migratory, although there have been documented intermittent irruptions of the species outside their normal range. Justin Augustine and Chad Hanson, Ph.D. It was July of 2012. I arrived at Lassen Volcanic National Park around 7:00 a.m. It was a cool 48 degrees.

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eBird Economics: How Much Would You Pay to See Birds?

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But does the value of a particular trip come from the number of birds seen, viewing a particular species, seeing an endangered species, catching a glimpse of a rarity, adding a lifer, or something else? When we see people being willing to travel farther to visit sites with greater species richness, we can back out estimates of what eBirders thus seem to be willing to pay for additional species richness. Birders derive “value” from birding.

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