A Gathering at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

There had to be at least 100 or more, and when I got closer, I was excited to find several Cattle Egrets ( Bubulcus ibis ), a species of which a decent photograph had always eluded me. There were not only Cattle Egrets and Great Egrets ( Ardea alba ) but Snowy Egrets ( Egretta thula ) as well. I have put together a video to help you feel the experience I was a privy to on this beautiful fall morning at the refuge.

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Welsh Report Shows Increased Animal Research at Cardiff University

Critter News

Here's an article about an increase in animal experiments at Cardiff University in Wales. In four years it experimented on 157,839 mice, 17,324 rats, 11,096 fish, 1,941 birds, 1,253 guinea pigs, 933 pigeons, 884 frogs, 207 cats, 54 rabbits and 18 tree shrews from the tropics of south-east Asia. By comparison, Bangor University used 1,464 mice and 664 fish, Aberystwyth used 289 cattle, 153 mice and 102 sheep and Swansea used 1,208 fish.

Come to Puembo Birding Garden

10,000 Birds

One guide has been taking care of cattle. Please come and visit, find out why Ecuador has long been one of the top birding destinations on the planet, and experience first-hand the amazing birding experience that Ecuador has to offer.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of October 2016)

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He and his friend Seth did find one good bird at Jacob Riis Park, a continuing Cattle Egret , which is common across large chunks of the world but was only Corey’s sixth sighting in New York State, with the fifth having been the same individual bird during the week last week. Though Floridians might laugh, the Cattle Egret is Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend. If you’ve blogged about your weekend experience, you should include a link in your comment.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of July 2019)

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i got my fill of cygnets and goslings this weekend, but the best sighting was an adult Cattle Egret that apparently didn’t realize how far Upstate New York was from wherever it should be. If you’ve blogged about your weekend experience, you should include a link in your comment. July birding in the Northern Hemisphere may be slow, but you’ve got to love those adorable baby birds! Does anyone out there keep a separate list for fledglings and chicks?

2019 49

Birding Tiaozini again – sponsored by the local government …

10,000 Birds

Of course, Tiaozini also has Cattle Egret … … and the usually somewhat depressed looking Black-crowned Night Heron. A juvenile night heron experimented with getting across fences (note: neither fence nor heron were hurt during the experiment).

Uganda’s Billion Dollar Bird: The Shoebill

10,000 Birds

The Shoebill serves as the symbol of the magnificent wildlife experiences Uganda offers visitors, which may seem a bit odd. Having finally seen this iconic species, I can assure you that the experience wildly exceeds expectations. Not all birds are created equal.

How to Bird Murchison Falls

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An expanse of habitat as vast as Murchison Falls NP in Uganda, as excessively generous in beauty and biodiversity, permits endless ways to experience both its birds and animals.

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Pat’s 2020 Bird List, Mostly from Costa Rica

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Most of all, the time and effort is worth it when we see new birds, surpass our goals, and when we share those trying, challenging, exuberant and triumphant times with others because the birding party is always better, always stronger, when you you can enjoy the experience with like-minded souls.

2020 87

Saving the Drowning Cormorant, or the Kerkini Lake, Greece

10,000 Birds

We are entering the mixed colony of 11 species ( Grey , Squacco , Purple and Black-crowned Night Herons ; Great , Little and, recently, Cattle Egrets ; Eurasian Spoonbill (below) and Glossy Ibis ; Pygmy and Great Cormorant ). Nikos managed to show us the incubating Cattle Egrets, of which only 2 or 3 pairs breed in this enormous heronry, counting up to 9000 pairs back in 2014.

2019 62

Tribes and Birds of the Lower Omo Valley by Adam Riley

10,000 Birds

Recent publicity about these remarkable tribes has resulted in tourists wanting to experience this wild land and its attractions for themselves. Heading south on a good surfaced road, we made slow progress through the herds of cattle, donkeys and goats that thronged the highway, until we finally reached the land of the Konso. Quality time was spent with a friendly Hamar family at their homestead of grass huts surrounding their cattle corral.

2015 79

An Affront to the Idea of Family

Animal Person

Just ask former cattle rancher Howard Lyman , who is now a vegan and animal rights activist. But now I think about all of that being done to my daughter and I must say the disgust I experience at the notion that a family farm is somehow a wholesome place is a bit overwhelming. I'm not one of those people who thinks family is composed of only humans or humans who are biologically related. That's one of the reasons adopting wasn't a stretch for me at all mentally.

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Birding Chaco at JV Gonzles – Trip Report

10,000 Birds

This land has gone through extensive ecosystem destruction from farming cattle and soybeans. The first views of a Brown Cachalote made up for all of the dust sucking experience. My first heat thumping experience came when I saw the Crested Hornero. Got my second thumping experience with the first views of the Lark-like Bushrunner ! My third crested bird-thumping experience was the Red-crested Cardinal. Continued from: Calilegua National Park Birding Trip Report.

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Gardner Williams (1895-1972) on Wronging Animals

Animal Ethics

That is, they contribute to increasing, in the long run, the quantity of satisfaction which an individual experiences. The interests in nourishment and in gustatory pleasure lead man to kill and eat cattle, fish, and fowl. This cuts down on the long-range satisfactions of the cattle, the fish, and the fowl. The issue is: Does he gain more value than he would experience if he let them live?

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Birds on Posts or Birding North Dakota

10,000 Birds

Audubon Associate Naturalist, have led this tour many times, through tornados, droughts, questionable restaurants, and, sadly, the advent of fracking, and every one of my friends who has participated over the years has raved about the experience and the birds (in fact, one member of our group was on his third or fourth trip, I lost count). I wanted to see prairie birds and I wanted to experience a new state.

Moral Vegetarianism, Part 3 of 13

Animal Ethics

If beef cattle who could not feel pain were developed, then it would be permissible to eat them. KBJ: Martin seems to think that people who abstain from meat on the ground that meat-eating causes pain would not eat “beef cattle” even if they could not feel pain. But recent experiments with chimpanzees suggest that the day may be near when we can ask trained chimpanzees if they want to be eaten for food.

Collaborative List ? May 2020

10,000 Birds

These are included as part of the summary and are maintained in the list, despite objections by some purists, to give the full, rich experience as enjoyed by your lucky, lucky beats. Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis).

2020 58

Brazil’s Pantanal: A Birding Spectacle

10,000 Birds

The incredible lighting at dawn in the Pantanal is an experience in of itself. Halfway between SouthWild Pantanal and the northern terminus of the Transpantaneira, Pousada Alegre offers slightly more affordable lodging set within a working cattle ranch. I will also never forget the experience of rolling out of bed, walking down a couple miles and back, and having breakfast at around 8:00AM with a day list already over 100 species.

Birding India with the ABA

10,000 Birds

Then, we became birders again, noting Common Mynas and Eastern Cattle Egrets on the terraced lawns, Yellow-footed Pigeons, European-collared and Red-collared Doves in the trees bordering the garden squares. For most of the birders in our group, visiting the Taj Mahal was the fulfillment of a bucket list experience, and they left feeling ecstatic over its beauty. India was not on my list of places to go in 2016.

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Birding after the Wet Season

10,000 Birds

There had been cattle in the area and we kept coming across bizarre butterfly circles. All we can think is that they were attracted to an area where there had been cattle urine and they were getting the natural salts. They go everywhere in a line and it was actually in the media this week that some scientists had been experimenting with them to see what caused them to follow each other.

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Better Birding: A Book Review (& a New Year’s goal)

10,000 Birds

To an intermediate-level birder like me, the material in Better Birding –highly focused, detailed, based on the latest research and years of field experience– is daunting, but also fascinating. Mentorship is an essential part of the birding experience, and it needs to be encouraged. New Year’s resolutions from birding friends are starting to trickle in as I write this review.

2016 64

They’ve Got an Awful Lot of Birds in Brazil.

10,000 Birds

’ They are challenging to find, frustrating to photograph, and the antbird experience often includes heat and humidity, mud and bugs. We got particularly great looks at Guira Cuckoo at Pousada Piuval, a resort that is also a cattle ranch; they were active all day, even after many of the birds that gathered in the early morning dispersed, often whistling loudly from the fence posts. It was one of those magic experiences when you are so absorbed you forget you have a camera.

Zamora Estate… Avian-rich Eco-Luxury in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Cattle Egrets dominate the rookery but are joined by Little Blue , Tricolored , and Green Herons , both American night-herons, and at least a couple of Northern Jacana. In fact, I’ll always remember my stay at Zamora Estate because the experience delivered everything I look for when traveling. Costa Rica enjoys an international reputation as an iconic birding location, bursting with epic Neotropical species and breathtaking natural attractions.

Africa’s endangered species

10,000 Birds

One of Africa’s truly exhilarating experiences is watching and listening to a honking flock of these massive birds as they appear out of the early morning mists over a wetland, to land nearby and start their wing-flapping and jumping displays. Several powerline marking experiments are in place, and hopefully a workable solution will be found for the main problem affecting this species.

The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

10,000 Birds

Thus, the cattle we raise for meat and dairy are sometimes called Bos taurus while the extinct wild form is always called Bos primigenius. Later on, when all sorts of European stuff was being brought over, including swine and cattle, it would have made sense and it is quite possible that the Wild Turkey populations of New England and the Atlantic Colonies was invaded by escaped domesticates that owe their origin to Aztec farmers in Central Mexico.

Great Miami Winter Bird Count 2015

10,000 Birds

With the easy-to-use platform offered by the Great Backyard Bird Count, birders of all ages and experience levels set out to find, tally, and document as many birds as possible within the boundaries of Miami-Dade. Cattle Egret: 133. For many in the birding community, Miami is a destination meant only for ticking off ABA-countable exotics such as Spot-breasted Oriole or Red-whiskered Bulbul. For others, it is simply a launching point to Everglades National Park or the Florida Keys.

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Tanzania – Africa at its best

10,000 Birds

Nowhere else in Africa do the preconceived ideas of the continent really exist in such living detail; tall, red-robed Maasai herding their skinny cattle, endless grasslands studded with flat-topped Acacia trees and grazed by herds of zebras and wildebeest, and dramatic volcanic calderas brimming with big game and fierce predators! Tanzania is without a doubt the quintessential African safari nation.

The return of the Banded Lapwing

10,000 Birds

There have been a lot of different birds around this year for various reasons, which mainly involve the climatic changes we experience from year to year. The four Banded Lapwings were in amongst the cattle at the edge of the road and several Australian Pratincole were also present. Last October we had a rare visitor to Broome in the form of a Banded Lapwing Vanellus tricolor.

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Bass Point Reserve-New South Wales

10,000 Birds

As we came through the open fields towards the coast there were numerous Cattle Egrets among the cattle and Straw-necked Ibis. It is the perfect spot to have a picnic and stroll and experience a wide variety of birds. On our recent trip to the Southern Highlands we encountered a miserable morning one day and it really looked unlikely that the sky would clear in the highlands and so we took ourselves to the coast.

2014 56

Layover in Singapore

10,000 Birds

Redgannet was originally conceived as a way to encourage my colleagues (in case you haven’t read the profile, I work as a flight attendant for an international airline) out of the shops and their hotel rooms to experience something that the local natural scene has to offer. Mike’s comments regarding his recent stopover in Japan struck a chord that has been resonating within me for a week or two.

Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru

10,000 Birds

The experience is one of the ornithological highlights in the world. The primary reasons for the decline of macaws and parrots are many but habitat loss due to logging; clear cutting for crops and cattle ranching; and capture for the pet trade rank among the most threatening.

Peru 81

Pat’s Year List, it’s 2016!

10,000 Birds

This year, visiting Niagara Falls until January 6th gave me the chance to experience a bit of both latitudes. Cattle Egret – Bulbulcus ibis; House, 7-Jan. Another year, another list. That’s January for birding. Coming from Niagara Falls, New York, it also means freezing, bitter cold, watching for imaginary Polar Bears while pretending to walk through an Arctic landscape, and looking for owls.

2016 40

Birding Kununurra late in the year

10,000 Birds

On that visit we paddled from Lake Argyle back to Kununurra over three days and that was a magnificent experience. Masked Lapwings , Straw-necked Ibis , Plumed Whistling-Ducks , Magpie-larks , Cattle Egrets and Australian Pratincoles all gather around and in the drainage channel. All of the nice green vegetation around these drainage channels is very popular with the Cattle Egrets and by November they have some beautiful breeding plumage. Cattle Egret.

2018 43

Broome’s wettest June on record

10,000 Birds

Thankfully it did not last long and then brought some surprising birding opportunities that we normally only experience in our Wet Season. Grey Teal roosted around a dam alongside Black-fronted Dotterels and Red-kneed Dotterels and Australian Pratincoles were well-camouflaged amongst the cattle. Broome is officially in its Dry Season, but that does not necessarily mean that it will not rain. In fact this June was the wettest on record since records first began in 1894!

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