The Belgrade Amazon Campaign or the House of the Eagle

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And destroying the largest portion of the Danube backwaters remaining around Belgrade, part of the international ecological corridor and the “Confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers” Important Bird Area (IBA) – already proposed for a nature reserve by the Government’s Institute for the Protection of Nature of Serbia, doesn’t fit under EU standards. Annex II of the Bern Convention lists 45 of Beljarica’s bird species, with a further 91 species in Annex III.

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Sea Shepherd Goes on Mission to Protect Bluefin Tuna

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Looks like they'll need to since nobody else wants to protect them. Greenpeace says the New Zealand Government voted against the ban – spelling disaster for the future of the species. So it doesn’t affect our campaign,” he says. In Qatar yesterday nations voted down a proposed ban on exporting Atlantic bluefin tuna. Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully wasn’t available today to confirm how New Zealand voted. But Mr Watson is unfazed by the outcome in Qatar.

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Should the Military Force Protect the Environment?

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Thought-provoking article in the Boston Globe.some green thinkers are now coming to a surprising conclusion: In exceptional circumstances, they say, the only effective way to protect the environment may be at the barrel of a gun. For example, a government might refuse to protect - or even willfully destroy - its own natural treasure, as when, in the 1990s, Saddam Hussein's regime drained the wetlands that were home to the persecuted Marsh Arabs.

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Protecting the Hyacinth Macaw and the Cerrado

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Hyacinth Macaw © Roger Leguen / WWF-Canon Hyacinth Macaws feed mainly on the kernels of the fruits of two species of palm tree: the Acuri or Urucuri Palm ( Attalea phalerata ) and the Bocaiuva or Macaw Palm ( Acrocomia aculeata ). Such cavities are hard to find and are sometimes disputed by more than one species. Illegal capture for the wild animal trade is an obvious peril for such a charismatic species, but this big blue bird is also hunted both for its meat and feathers.

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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If you wrote to Tennessee in the 10,000 Birds campaign this winter, you can cut and paste your letter, changing “Tennessee&# to “Kentucky.&# Hunting sandhill cranes in Kentucky is a bad idea from a public relations standpoint, considering the growing cadre of birders and nature enthusiasts for whom cranes are a touchstone species. Initiating a hunting season on a large, charismatic species like a crane is no way to resuscitate hunting.

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We are Just Money Grubbers

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Out of just under 200 bird species I observed this year in SE Europe, there are 6 threatened species. For example, I simply cannot comprehend how such seemingly common species such as the Common Pochard (yes, for the third time, the common), still allowed for shooting in Serbia and many other countries, found its way into the Red List of Threatened Species. point to just one problem source, one over-abundant and highly invasive species – Homo sapiens.

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Beljarica Backwaters: Some good news announced (but not yet official)

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Also, it is a part of the international ecological corridor and the “Confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers” Important Bird Area (IBA), already proposed for a nature reserve by the Government’s Institute for the Protection of Nature of Serbia.

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The slaughter tourism trade in Serbia

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Turtle Doves have been declining in Europe since the 1970s, and in this century alone, the continent has lost 40% of its population of the species. Since this spring’s revision of the European Red List, the Turtle Dove is listed as a vulnerable species. In all European Union countries to the north and east of Serbia (except Romania), Turtle Doves are strictly protected. Money and effort are being invested in that protection.

Push Land-Grant Universities Out of the Meat Industry

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In addition to heaps of information at about RPA's 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign to get our universities out of the meat industry, there is now a current list of all 50 governors with address and their state's LGU. Animal science” – distinct from zoology, the science of Earth’s millions of animal species – is what LGUs call meat-industry courses, including slaughtering animals, making ice cream, the full range of meat-linked endeavor.

On Dolphins as a Gateway to Animal Rights

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Riddle me this: If you're in camp #3, do you think it's bad to pursue personhood for individual species, or is it just something you're not going to spend your time on because of the various problems with the process (e.g., Would you actually actively campaign against rights for some species? They can also learn how "to hold sponges over their snouts to protect themselves when searching for spiny fish on the ocean floor."

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Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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than with any genuine concern for species diversity or even animal welfare." Latimer's ignorance also comes across in his discussion of anti-fur campaigns, so it's easy to miss this potentially good point (about some animal activists): But did you ever notice that we don't hear very much from them if anything about shoe leather?

See OCEANS, Save Oceans!

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See OCEANS, Save Oceans ” is an initiative developed with The Nature Conservancy where a portion of each ticket sold for the film’s opening week April 22-28 will help establish new marine protected areas in The Bahamas. “We We launched our newest label Disneynature and ’EARTH’ with our ‘Buy a Ticket, Plant a Tree’ effort that benefited The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Campaign,” said Chuck Viane, president, distribution, for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

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A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds–A Book Review

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I was especially interested in “To Hide From God,” the chapter on songbird slaughter and protection in Cyprus. Ask any birder–migration is joy.

Machi the Whimbrel Gunned Down by Hunters

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And though the satellite transmitter let Machi be tracked it did not protect it from the hunters’ guns. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act was passed, in part, to protect dwindling numbers of birds that migrate across country borders. Conservation organizations continue to work toward some compromise that will reduce pressures on declining species.

What is the National Bird of Aruba?

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As a result, the Aruba Birdlife Conservation Foundation began a campaign to make the Burrowing Owl the country’s national bird , which was officially named in 2012. The added publicity – the bird now appears on Aruba currency and stamps – will draw attention to needed conservation and protection efforts. These owls use the tunnels of other species as their nesting burrows, and so can be found associated with ground squirrels, tortoises, and prairie dogs.

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The Ross Sea – the Last Intact Marine Ecosystem on Earth – and I

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Consequently, the Ross Sea has become a focus of numerous environmental groups who have campaigned for a world marine reserve. In July 2013, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources held a meeting in Bremerhaven in Germany, to decide whether to turn the Ross Sea into a marine protected area. The deal failed due to Russia voting against it, citing uncertainty about whether the commission had the authority to establish a marine protected area.

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Linkwood Distillery: 15 Years Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Even though a 2013 petition by the Royal Society of Protection of Birds failed to convince the Scottish parliament to make it official, the campaign to make the Golden Eagle Scotland’s national bird continues.

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The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation – A Book Review

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It is a fascinating book that teaches while it entertains, that offers research-informed arguments for bird protection and conservation in the guise of vibrant design. And so, I learn from this page that each bird’s scientific name is unique, a combination of its genus and species names. In the earlier chapters, the maps illustrate bird species distribution. We are a BirdLife Species Champion!)

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Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather–A Book Review

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Their populations, plus those of other species that ‘wore’ the coveted long, colorful feathers used for women’s fashionable hats, were being dangerously depleted by hunters intent on feeding the millinery industry. This mass avian exploitation, amazing and repugnant, ultimately met its end through separate campaigns in the United States and Great Britain, each led by women, mostly upper-middle class women. A feather is a magical thing.

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Black-throated Brown Warbler Dendroica domesticus

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One reason it is so widely disliked is its ubiquity, another is the fact that it is an introduced species. It is accused of driving native species out and it has the protection of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act withheld from it. The species I refer to is, of course, the House Sparrow Passer domesticus. For far too long there has been a bird that North American birders have mocked, derided, persecuted, hated, and, perhaps worse of all, ignored.

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When conservation and animal rights collide

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Wildlife conservation is concerned with protecting wildlife at the level of species or perhaps population. With the exception of species that number in the hundreds, conservation biologists are not as concerned with the fates of individual animals, it is only when such fates of many individuals are added up do they begin to worry. Before people start thinking biologists are somehow cruel in this regard, I should note that they are worried about species as a conservationist.

The Jewel Hunter: A Book Review About One Birder’s Quest for Pittas and Beer

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And, to give his dream year a little more oomph, he created a grand once-in-a-lifetime goal: to track down and see every pitta species in the world in one year. Some of his finds are the first documented records of the bird in that area or the first decent photograph of a little-known species. There is little factual material here about global conservation and protection, but that is not the book’s purpose. There go my plans for a 10,000 Birds write-in campaign.

Conserving the Future: Bold Bird Ideas

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The USFWS and the National Wildlife Refuge Association are spearheading a public engagement effort asking we the people to share and vote on ideas that will shape a new vision for wildlife conservation and the 553 wildlife refuges encompassing over 150 million acres of habitat for more than 750 animal and plant species across our mighty National Wildlife Refuge System. I’m extremely grateful to Paul for taking the initiative in raising awareness of this NWR campaign.

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Birding under Clouds of Uncertainty: Santa Ana NWR

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After all, each refuge has been set aside to permanently protect birds and other wildlife. But in the current political climate, even permanent environmental protections can prove transitory. Trump’s presidential campaign was his promise to build a “great wall” along the border with Mexico. But the Administration is pushing hard to prove that it can deliver on promises made on the campaign trail.

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Flight to Freedom

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About Animal Defenders International (ADI): With offices in Los Angeles, London and Bogota, Animal Defenders International (ADI) campaigns to protect animals in entertainment; replacement of animals in experiments; worldwide traffic in endangered species; vegetarianism; factory farming; pollution and conservation. ADI gathered evidence has led to campaigns and legislative action all over the world to protect them.

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Sarah Palin Secretary of Energy or the Interior?

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Hamm, an Oklahoma billionaire who has been a friend of Trump’s for years, has been the leading influence on Trump’s energy policy during the campaign. Putting her in charge of protecting our wildlife on public lands would be catastrophic. The fight to protect ANWR has been an uphill fight. Does the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge look to you like something that needs to be protected in perpetuity?

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A Little Win

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There seem to be so many that some days the negative stories just seem to pile up in my reader, species lost here, habitat destroyed there, poisoning, illegal persecution, the list can seem endless. Earlier this month I received an email from someone who cares a great deal about birds and their conservation, let’s protect his anonymity and call him Mr White.

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