Bird Conservation News: The Good, The Bad (and Ugly), and More Good

10,000 Birds

The piece describes why this corner of the world often has an attitude toward indiscriminate hunting that ranges from laissez-faire to Wild West, and also the toll that the ensuing slaughter takes on populations of birds that are protected in their northern European summer homes. Volunteers with the Committee Against Bird Slaughter sneak into a grove where a farmer has just placed lime sticks to snag unwary birds.

2013 61

Moral Vegetarianism, Part 11 of 13

Animal Ethics

Whereas those arguments maintain that grain-eating animals should not be slaughtered, this argument is at least consistent with the position that they should be: grain-eating animals, it might be maintained by a new moral vegetarian, should be slaughtered to prevent them from eating more grain and producing new grain-eating offspring. Nobody wants existing animals to be slaughtered. For an explanation of this feature, click on “Moral Vegetarianism” at the bottom of this post.