Chinese Dogs Rescued En Route to Butcher

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These dogs were rescued by Chinese activists before they could be slaughtered for meat. According to this article from the NPR site , such rescues are occuring more regularly as dogs are increasingly becoming pets. A good story from China for once. exotic meats animal rescue Slaughterhouse dogs china

Washington Town to Become Horse Slaughter Capital?

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horses destined to die and be butchered in one of Canada’s equine slaughterhouses for human consumption abroad.” Dempsey says if rumblings of a new plan by the giant Canadian horse meat packing company Bouvry Exports-Calgary to reopen the Florence Packing plant on Florence Road for equine slaughter are true, Stanwood soon might become better known as the region’s “Butcher Shop for Horses”.

Horse Slaughter Could Start Up Again in One Month

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Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. Slaughter opponents pushed a measure cutting off funding for horse meat inspections through Congress in 2006 after other efforts to pass outright bans on horse slaughter failed in previous years. that butcher horses for human consumption now, but if one were to open, it would conduct inspections to make sure federal laws were being followed. exotic meats horses legislation horse slaughter us

Dutch May Ban Kosher Slaughter of Livestock

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THE DUTCH parliament has voted overwhelmingly to ban the ritual slaughter of livestock. Dutch law requires animals to be stunned before slaughter, but has long allowed an exemption for Muslims and orthodox Jews, who can legally butcher animals according to their centuries-old dietary rules. It could have a snowball effect for other countries in Europe, although probably it certainly won't be seen as politically correct. Excerpted from the Irish Times.

On the Renewed Debate Over Horse Slaughter

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Not approving the institutionalized slaughter of the horses we claim to hold so dear lowers that value. Butcher (no joke) from Montana: " “No one has to send a horse to a processing plant. Butcher plainly speaks of the use of horses and that those not usable perhaps should be killed. " Surge in Abandoned Horses Renews Debate Over Slaughterhouses " in today's New York Times begs a lot of questions that I wonder how you would answer.

Castellare di Castellina: Chianti Classico (2019)

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Of course, a land of beefeaters needs butchers. Given its veneration of Chianina beef, it’s hardly surprising that Tuscany has brought forth the world’s first celebrity butcher. An avian butcher at work: Red-backed Shrike ( Lanius collurio ) depicted by Dutch bird illustrator J.G.

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Wild Thing

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Look at all the animals you can kill, butcher, cook, and eat in one city. It makes me want to go out and slaughter a gopher

On "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer

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The Nimans move him, as do several other farmers, including one who "apologizes to his animals as they are sent off to slaughter" (244), as if that's any consolation to someone whose life you are about to take when you don't need to. Some have tried to resolve this gap by hunting or butchering an animal themselves, as if those experiences might somehow legitimize the endeavor of eating animals.

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Outdoor/Feral Cat Problem? Call the SWAT Team

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They would be made up of people who are sick and tired of government-protected species being slaughtered by domestic cats. Enough hand-wringing, enough taking butchered birds to exhausted, emotionally drained wildlife rehabilitators. What do you do when you – a citizen whose rights are protected by the U.S. government – are threatened with harm and/or death by armed criminals, and their apprehension is beyond the scope of the local police? You call the SWAT team.

Can Birds Be Safe? If Only.

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All these tender, tormented people, spending years crying crocodile tears about maimed and butchered birds, when all they had to do was close the door and keep their lethal property inside. “My Will the people who determinedly allow their cats to slaughter wild birds use it? Another product has been invented that could cut down on the number of wild birds killed by domestic cats.

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