Chinese Dogs Rescued En Route to Butcher

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These dogs were rescued by Chinese activists before they could be slaughtered for meat. According to this article from the NPR site , such rescues are occuring more regularly as dogs are increasingly becoming pets. exotic meats animal rescue Slaughterhouse dogs chinaA good story from China for once.

Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

Animal Person

For instance, dolphins don’t actually have the curative powers some claim they have (22); there’s no evidence that pet owners have different personalities than non pet owners (28); having to kill and cut up an animal does not stop one from eating meat (189); the majority of people who abused animals as children do not grow up to be violent (30); and 80% of serial killers do not have a known history of cruelty to animals (31). The campaign to moralize meat has largely been a failure.

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