"The Cove" Continues to Disturb

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Once penned, some dolphins are picked out by dolphin trainers and animal brokers for purchase and transport to amusement parks and resorts. We posted about this film a while ago, but it is still inspiring news coverage. Clearly, it is disturbing enough to provoke some real discussions about the ethics of dolphins in amusement parks. Whenever I read about dolphins in places like Sea World, I think of an ex-co-worker named Gretchen who admitted she had "issues" with animals.

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Transit in Dubai

10,000 Birds

Internet car hire broker sites are offering small cars for less than £20. A guide with transport would be the perfect way to visit this site as it can be a bit tricky to get to. Dubai is a huge international airport, perfectly placed for connections around the world. Many people find themselves with a few hours to kill during transit and could potentially add a few ticks to their trip list as they pass through.

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