Owls, Owls, and more Owls in SE Arizona

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The last couple of weeks have really been a boom for me personally, as far as spotting our local owls goes. It all started in getting to photograph the Northern Pygmy-owls in Madera Canyon. Then a quick check up on the Ferruginous Pygmy-owls that are out in Alta Valley. The Great Horned Owls that live in the palm trees right above our RV have returned and brought with them a pair of fledglings. Here is a shot of that Northern Pygmy Owl, from Madera Canyon.

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How to find the Ural Owl in Serbia

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The Ural Owl inhabits old and undisturbed boreal forests, in an unbroken belt from Sweden and Finland across Russia to Japan, and is rarely seen to the south, only here and there, in the Carpathians (Slovakia/Ukraine/Romania/eastern Serbia) and Dinaric Alps (Croatia/Bosnia/western Serbia).

Owls of the Eastern Ice: A Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl–A Book Review

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Here are some of the questions that were running through my mind as I read Owls of the Eastern Ice: A Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl : (a) Is ornithological research always this dangerous? (b) because, if the film rights to this book have not been snapped up yet, Hollywood is making a huge mistake) (c) Will I ever see a Blakiston’s Fish Owl? The fish owl is Jonathan Slaght’s grail and also, more prosaically, his dissertation topic.

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Snowy Owl Invasion!

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Snowy Owl in Queens, New York, 1 December 2013. Snowy Owls have been sighted as far south as North Carolina and some locations have as many as seven! Here in New York State Snowy Owls have been reported in more than ten counties, with most of those counties having birds being seen in multiple locations. Snowy Owl in North Carolina by Nathan Swick. Even more impressive are the reports out of Newfoundland, where hundreds of Snowy Owls are being reported.

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Cemetery Owls

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Last winter, a pair of Great Horned Owls took up residence in a spiny locust (?) Photographers would stand directly beneath the nest, causing the owls a bit of anxiety. Finally, cemetery management put yellow crime scene tape up around the nest tree, something they’d been reluctant to do for fear of alerting even more people to the owls’ presence. Cellphone photo of a post-breeding bird by Kris H. For an owl, that’s a very low nest.

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School Burrowing Owls

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Broward County has one of the highest densities of Burrowing Owls in Florida. Not surprisingly, this brings Burrowing Owls into close contact with humans across the county. The Florida sub-species of Burrowing Owl is now classified as a threatened species in Florida and it is one of the rarest sub-species of Burrowing Owls. We have set up an incredibly popular live camera feed on a pair of these diminutive owls at a school in Broward County.

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Come@Me: Snowy Owls are Superior in Every Way to Great Gray Owls

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Owls are mystical beasts that are well loved by both birders and those who casually look at birds. There are many species that captivate those looking at them: Burrowing Owls , Barn Owls , a variety of fishing-owls, Stygian Owl , Elf Owl , the list goes on and on. Great Gray Owls and Snowy Owls are two that come up a great deal in these discussions but there is really only one that should be mentioned. Sigh… … Birds Come@me owl

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Lakshmi’s Owl

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One of these names is Ulkavahini , the one who rides an owl. Lakshmi rides an owl as her Vahana (a spirititual being or animal that transports a God) and the Spotted Owlet has been chosen to represent the family. Among many similarities to their close relation, the Little Owl, Athene Noctua , they are also the owl most likely to be seen by day in this part of the world. Birds Birds in Religion owls

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Little Owl (Athena noctua)

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This post comes courtesy of Mrs Gannet who became rather taken with the Little Owl when we found him in Mote Park last month. There has been a Little Owl living in this hollow branch for at least 3 years as documented in Simon’s Mote Park Blog and it is assumed to be the same individual though I am not sure whether it is a she or a he. They have more recently been introduced to the South Island of New Zealand, where they are known as the German Owl.

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Northern Hawk Owl in Germany

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Few things can spell out “winter birding” as poetically as the sighting of a rare northern owl that has more or less unexpectedly found its way to southern, more balmy environs. A “winter owl” however has little meaning to German birders for two simple reasons (and male smew aren’t one of them). First, most of Europe’s owl species are breeding in Germany anyway and are better found at other times of the year.

The Owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Texas

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One of the highlights of birding in this Texas state park is the chance to see five owl species that breed here. This is made even sweeter by the hope of seeing two extremely rare US visitors – the Mottled Owl and the Stygian Owl. Let’s enjoy the owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Barn Owl. Eastern Screech-Owl. Great Horned Owl with owlet and dinner. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl. Elf Owl. Mottled Owl. Stygian Owl.

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Great Gray Owl: Seeing the Ghost

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There are birds more prized by North American birders than the Great Gray Owl , but not many*. Like many cold-weather creatures, the Great Gray Owl can to some extent trade altitude for latitude. Though hardly common, Great Gray sightings are a yearly occurrence in Western Montana, and it is one of the twelve species of owl known to breed in the state. We made our way to the spot that the owl had, according to our guides, last been seen.

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Owls or Microwaves?

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Will and I had spoken on Sunday and agreed to go owling on Tuesday night. We had both failed at checking off Eastern Screech-Owl or Great Horned Owl on our New York lists so far in 2007 so we figured we’d take a shot at tracking down either silent nocturnal killer. I had to find my cheapie-Radio Shack-digital recorder and put owl calls on it. Sometimes to find owls you have to play their calls to lure them in and get them to respond.

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Montana is Owl Country

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There is an International Festival of Owls. They give out a “Champion of Owls” award. Holt founded the Owl Research Institute , an organization that focuses on long-term studies of a variety of species of owls, as well as their prey species and environments. Turns out, there’s hardly a better place in America to have as your home base, if you’re doing owl research. Of these, fourteen species breed – more than any other U.S.

California Audubon Names Burrowing Owl Bird of the Year

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” The Western Burrowing Owl ( Athene cunicularia ) has had a compelling story and rallied the public around it for at least the last fifteen years as its population has declined at an ever increasing rate. These Burrowing Owl photos were taken at a rare breeding site in Vacaville California. Burrowing Owls are notoriously difficult to spot, even for the trained eye, since they are low to the ground and blend in to their background.

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Do Irrupting Snowy Owls Survive?

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I have heard both that most die and never make it back to their breeding grounds and that they do return to the north to make more Snowy Owls. Asides Snowy OwlSo, which is it? This article makes it seem like they are all starving. Does anyone have any solid data?

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Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania: A Review by an Atlas Novice

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A breeding bird atlas is a special kind of book. For the nature lovers and birders who participate in breeding bird surveys, the atlas represents hours, often hundreds of hours, of volunteer time spent within a community of citizen scientists doing what they love, observing birds. So, when Corey and Mike asked if I wanted to review the Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania , I jumped at the chance to write about this unique type of scientific reference book.

Persistence Pays Off For Burrowing Owls

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As I opined in my post back in 2010 (and continue to preach) the Western Burrowing Owl needs a conservation plan. Above is a photo of the only Burrowing Owl ( Athene cunicularia ) seen at Tuscan Preserve back in February of 2010 when a group of concerned birders installed eight artificial burrows on this property, to be preserved in perpetuity. A pair of Burrowing Owls fledged six young! The owl can enter the tunnel at one end and escape through the other end if necessary.

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Close Encounter With A Northern Saw-whet Owl

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Northern Saw-whet Owl Wow! Then a jay swooped in on the owl and either actually hit it or came close enough that the owl decided it had taken enough mobbing. The bird clearly had no problem with being so close to me but the mob it had attracted apparently did and they took off, one by one, until it was just me and the owl in a little patch of woods. Eventually the owl, apparently totally comfortable in my presence, closed its eyes.

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The most important book about European birds in this century

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The adventure of the second European Breeding Bird Atlas, or EBBA2, was the topic of one of my first posts here at 10,000 Birds: In a warm Catalonian March, Barcelona is filled with sunlight and full of Rose-ringed and Monk Parakeets.

Confounding the Starving Snowy Owl Irruption Theory

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Snowy Owl at Breezy Point photographed by Corey. Irruptions of Snowy Owls in 2011 and again in 2013 found these Arctic birds wintering well south of their usual range , in some cases straying down to Bermuda and even Hawaii. (I The data, collected from more than 500 owls over 18 years, appears to contradict the theory that southern-wandering Snowies are struggling to stay alive. News irruption Snowy Owl

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Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean: A Book Review by a Lover of Parliaments

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Here are some things I’ve learned from the Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean by Scott Weidensaul: The Burrowing Owl is the only North American owl species where the male is larger than the female, albeit, only slightly larger. The Caribbean islands were once populated by enormous owls, some over 3-feet tall, some flightless. There are distinct differences between Eastern Screech-Owl morphs. Reviews book review owls

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Ring-billed Gulls in Breeding Plumage

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Ring-billed Gulls in Breeding Plumage Ring-billed Gulls in Breeding Plumage By Corey • March 8, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share It should come as no surprise to readers of 10,000 Birds that I do not love gulls. … Tags: Breeding plumage , gulls • Have you seen the cool 10,000 Birds t-shirts?

Z. Alexander Brown: Uncaged – Cabernet Sauvignon (2017)

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Just yesterday I learned that the Barn Owl ( Tyto alba ) is the only breeding bird found in New York that has been documented nesting in every month of the year. Barn Owls with their Brood (c. The deadly prowess with which their resident Barn Owls hunt rodents allows Z.

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Computer-modelled Range Maps

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There are 240+ breeding birds in Serbia, but the colonial breeders and raptors were treated separately, and for a few dozen uncommon species there wasn’t enough data for computer modeling software. Once in the forest, attention should be diverted to the White-backed Woodpecker , also Eurasian Woodcock , Stock Dove and Ural Owl. Birding bird atlas European Breeding Birds Atlas Species distribution modeling

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I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for owls. Wander through my front door and glance upwards and you’ll find at least two watching you, a Tawny Owl and a Barn Owl , both sadly gathered as roadkills. Above our fireplace is a large painting of a Barn Owl. Barn Owl In my ‘younger’ days I thought nothing of spending several hours in the field in the dark searching for owls. Birding Barn Owl features kids owls Short-eared Owl

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Playback or Birding in the Dark

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A portable speaker is placed on the top of the car, playing Tawny Owl calls from a smartphone. Although we do enjoy it immensely, we are not doing it for fun, but to gather information on distribution, habitat choice and density of breeding pairs of owls for the first national and second pan-European atlas of breeding birds. Driving through the forest in darkness, we had a Tawny Owl flying across the road. Conservation Bird Call Playback ethics owls Tawny Owl

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Support Project SNOWstorm!

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We went because Desi, my four-year-old son, wanted to see a Snowy Owl after hearing about and seeing pictures of all of the owls his dad had been seeing this winter. He brought with him Snow, his stuffed Snowy Owl , so Snow could see his “real owl friends.” It took awhile in the biting wind, but I finally spotted one lonely owl hunkered down in the grass. Snowy Owl being harassed by an American Crow. Conservation Snowy Owl

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Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds

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Brown Pelicans , and the northernmost Brown Booby breeding colony on this side of the Pacific. Ringer Gannets and Boobies (Sulidae) Black-and-white gannets breed on the cold, rocky coasts of the northern and southern oceans. Go win a copy and you might get it before I get off my keister and write my review… Great Horned Owl Taking a Deer Leg Seriously, that really happens in this excellent video of a Great Horned Owl scavenging a deer carcass by Kirk Mona.

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Thank a lemming

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Many of you in the south are enjoying great sightings of Snowy Owls ( Bubo scandiacus ) this winter. Everywhere on Facebook I see friends and acquaintance posting photos of Snowy Owls , and or status updates on how they’ve succeeded or failed in their search for reported birds. Now as most everyone knows Snowy Owls are birds of the Arctic. I could end my northern Snowy Owl drought with a bit of effort and a trip farther inland by ATV.

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Backyard Birdfeeder Bragging Rights, a Great Adventure for a Great Twitch, and More: This Week in Birding News

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Breeding bird surveys appears to show the resplendent Allen’s Hummingbird (like Corey’s capture, above) in decline—but not in Southern California, where examination of eBird data reveals that members of a residential population appear to be faring much better than their migrating brethren. (To This lucky youngster from Massachusetts has almost 300 ticks, but just added his favorite— a Great Gray Owl his supportive family drove hundreds of miles to glimpse.

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Potpourri of Amazing Bird Science

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— and link that to something abut the Great Grey Owl and my BFF Analiese Miller who is an amazing, emerging, photographer who has recently trained her 300mm Cannon F4 lens on the birds (including the Great Grey) at Sax Zim. The golden-winged warblers had just returned from South America to their breeding grounds in the mountains of Tennessee in 2013 when a massive storm was edging closer. Birds Cassin''s Auk crows Great Grey Owl Mass Death research

White-faced Ibis at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

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Being winter, this bird is in non-breeding plumage with more brown upper parts and lacking the white face it acquires in its aternate (breeding) plumage. Forgotten Owls When Is A Tanager A Spindalis? His recent focus is on bringing the Western Burrowing Owl back to life in California where he also monitors several bluebird trails. Share Your Thoughts « Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field?

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Specialties Above Thin Air!

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In the summer, they can be found in their transitional breeding plumage (shades of gray and brown) all over the tundra feeding on localized forbs and willow plants. Areas of mixed-coniferous and mixed-deciduous forests can yield the secretive Northern Pygmy-Owl. These tiny, long-tailed Owls are often tame when found, but call for brief periods usually only around the break of day (crepuscular).

Lifer! But, which one?

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Along with the Sedge/Grass Wrens Ignacio had reported, he had also posted some fine photos of a Great Horned Owl that had roosted on his property. I hardly ever see owls, except for Ferruginous Pygmy Owls , so this was another big draw for me.

Nanhui, Shanghai in early spring 2020

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Others have wintered here and are now in the process of leaving for the summer, such as the Black-faced Spoonbill – already in breeding plumage so as to not waste any time once arriving in Northern China. If in doubt, show owl photos – this could easily my life motto.

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Flights of Passage: a book review

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After a good introduction called “The Miracle of Migration,” the substance of the book is organized not by strict taxonomy, but by “loose association” into six sections: Wildfowl and Diving Birds, Seabirds, Shorebirds and Waders, Songbirds, Raptors and Owls, and “Other Bird Migrations.”.

A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds–A Book Review

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212) who trap, follow, and analyze the migration paths of Snowy Owls, a project founded in 2013, the magic year of the Snowy Owl irruption. Author Scott Weidensaul and a Snow Owl. Ask any birder–migration is joy.

Birding in Nanhui, Shanghai in October 2019

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As mentioned in a previous post, October is the best month to see owls here at Nanhui. The Japanese Scops Owl is the rarest of the three I saw this October. A Northern Boobook showed up after I had already written my owl blog post last month. And though I probably have shown this Oriental Scops Owl before, it is well worth showing again, in my opinion. Not that easy to spot outside of the breeding season, though relatively quite common.

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Companhia das Lezírias ‘Tyto alba’ Vinhas Protegidas Tinto (2013)

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The 2013 ‘Tyto alba’ from Companhia das Lezírias is a red wine from Portugal’s Tejo region, and – as you may have guessed from its name – there is in fact a Barn Owl ( Tyto alba ) on the label. Birding Food Reviews Barn Owl Birds and Booze Portugal wine

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Serbia – birding overview of a year in the Central Balkans

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Depending on your particular interest, opt for March/April (spring migration), May/June (breeding season), August to October (autumn migration), or November/December when waterbird migration reaches its peak. European Collared and Pied Flycatchers , Eurasian Hoopoes , Common Cuckoos and Tree Pipits are back in late March, while Eurasian Scops Owls are back by late March – early April. Breeding season May – June , 261 eBirded species (yet, only about 242 breed in the country).

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Checklist of the Birds of Westeros

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And some Falcon , most likely mixed breed, because it belonged to falconry, not the skies. Now that the Mad Queen is dead, Brandon the Broken, First of His Name, is the King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm; and peace is restored in all the kingdoms, would you want to bird Westeros? I am not talking the filming locations, but the imaginary kingdoms themselves. How many birds have you spotted in 8 seasons?

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Quarantine Twitch for the Best Backyard Bird

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Bon voyage , friend, may you traverse the next two thousand miles safely, may you not encounter any glass windows and may you find a mate and breed successfully! A pair of Tropical Screech-owls have been roosting in a cherry tree for a number of years.

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