Breed Bans are NOT the Answer

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While Pit bulls are incredibly strong and can therefore inflict a dangerous wound if they do attack, they are by no means the only breed that bites. Not that I want to give Golden Retrievers or Springers a bad name - I’m just pointing out that any breed of dog can bite. … Owners should properly care for pit bulls - love, train and keep them humanely enclosed. Besides, banning a breed is ineffective.

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It’s the kind of place that helps you get past the human notion that we’re outside of nature—that there’s this divine, glorious thing called nature, and then there’s us, you know, way above it all and in charge. I had developed the arrogant attitude that my existential plight was unique among humans. He was bleeding from several bullet wounds, and visibly in excruciating pain.

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Spotlight: Maureen Eiger – To Intervene or Not to Intervene?

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We also try to re-nest uninjured baby birds so we don’t interfere with a bird’s breeding cycle. Predators and storms can wreak havoc and human intervention is sometimes needed for survival. Even if you do not see an obvious wound, cat or dog saliva, which is full of nasty bacteria, can still get into a bird’s eyes/orifices and will eventually kill the bird; it will just die more slowly and painfully.

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The Medicine Bird

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Rehabilitators at Tamarack are now treating the redtail with antioxidants as well as providing hydrotherapy and continuing wound care, all the while trying to handle her as little as humanly possible. If she is not releasable, she will either stay at Tamarack or be placed with Sia Essential Species Repository , a Comanche organization that breeds albino and leucistic hawks for research, and makes their molted feathers available to Native religious elders. “It

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Bird Banding the Dry Tortugas

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The park is home to not one, not two, but large three colonies of breeding seabirds: the Brown Noddy , Magnificent Frigatebird , and Sooty Tern. The island contains 80,000 breeding Sooty Terns, in addition to 4,500 breeding Brown Noddies and another 100 breeding pairs of the huge Magnificent Frigatebirds, not to mention pelicans, herons, Black Skimmers , other tern species, and so much more. When I say “cut,” I mean paper-cut sized wounds here.

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