Faithful Loons and Human Lunacy

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Because Loons’ coastal wintering habitats can be severely impacted by oil spills and other human activities, this information has important implications for wildlife managers. Breeding and wintering locations of Common Loons in western Maine (Rangeley and Moosehead Lakes region), USA, that received PTTs in 2011 and 2012.*. Every year there manage to be two Loons out in front of the cabin, up in Minnesota’s lake country.

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Humane Society Exposes Petland Practices

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The Humane Society has another great investigation into the shady practices of a corporate giant. Not so, says the Humane Society. This news story slipped by in November. This time it's Petland, who I'm glad to say has no stores in my area (that I know of.) It has about 140 stores nationwide that sell puppies that supposedly come from "good" breeders (are any breeders good? but that's another post.) Among the investigation findings.

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Breed Bans are NOT the Answer

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While Pit bulls are incredibly strong and can therefore inflict a dangerous wound if they do attack, they are by no means the only breed that bites. Not that I want to give Golden Retrievers or Springers a bad name - I’m just pointing out that any breed of dog can bite. … Owners should properly care for pit bulls - love, train and keep them humanely enclosed. Besides, banning a breed is ineffective.

A Look at Humane Farming

Animal Ethics

Although the farmers can easily answer that their animals are treated more humanely whilst alive, their discomfort about being asked questions regarding the slaughter process is visually and audibly obvious. This is as humane as "humane farming" gets. The farmer fails to note that the natural lifespan of pigs is 11-15 years and the natural lifespan of chickens is 5-11 years, depending on breed.

Being a Tolai Hare’s life Human

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One of the pleasures of birding through a landscape no man has gone before is that one has frequent encounters with individuals – birds, mammals, herps, whatever – that have never seen a human in their life. And what I met there was – well, a Barred Warbler, a Greenish Warbler, a Spotted Flycatcher all headed for their breeding grounds further north.

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Arrowood Farm Brewery: Starling Brett Farmhouse Ale

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Beginning this year, New York State embarked on its third-ever breeding bird atlas , and it’s the first one I’ve been able to participate in as a birder. Birding Food Reviews Birds and Booze breeding European Starling nesting New York starlings

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Seattle Considers Ban on Pit Bulls

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Instead of banning the breed, why don't we we crack down on mistreatment of these animals and on unlicensed owners? It's the humans, not the animals. Tags: pit bull breed ban seattle I am totally opposed to this. Stupid people.

Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds

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Brown Pelicans , and the northernmost Brown Booby breeding colony on this side of the Pacific. Other birds with webbed feet, including ducks and geese, have only three webbed toes; the hallux (which in birds is usually the “hind toe&# and in humans, the “big toe&# ) is free. For all of recorded history, humans have classified other living things by their physical characteristics.

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Egypt Kills Thousands of Pigs for No Reason

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How typical that we humans blame this epidemic on pigs, and kill them without a second thought! This virus was created by HUMANS when we put thousands and thousands of pigs into small quarters (breeding grounds for disease), it is spreading human to human , and we are killing pigs? All I know is that if humans don’t wake up soon and smell the tempeh-bacon, we’re all going to be dead, and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

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“You Want Farm Animals to Go Extinct!”

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Those that couldn’t - like “broiler&# chickens - would only find it difficult because of human intervention in their breeding. The last thing I’d say on this issue is that sometimes people say that these animals wouldn’t even exist if we didn’t breed them and eat them, and isn’t it better to have existed just for a little while than to never be born at all? And I don’t want them to die just because humans like the way they taste! __.

SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer, Part Deux

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Here are some of the my favorite quotes: In reality, species don't evolve toward greater humanness but toward greater adaptiveness in their ecological niche (105). No living group of nonhuman animals--no existing species of invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or nonhuman mammal--is ancestral to humans. No nonhuman alive today belongs to the same species as some ancestor of humans. Today's nonhuman apes don't represent earlier stages in human development.

10 Reasons Street Dogs Deserve to be Defended

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My human kept me in an enclosed porch because, let’s face it, I was crawling with fleas and pretty filthy. We dogs are wired by nature to be humans’ companions. It’s the result of thousands of years of breeding. After all, dogs have the longest history of co-habitation with humans of any animal. But there’s a special bond between a dog and its human rescuer. Too many humans believe we’re untamable and vicious. No dog is happier to be rescued.

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On The Respectful Emperor

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We are not people who are interested in discussing animal rights, as in, the right of sentient nonhumans to not be used by humans for potential profit, for sport or for lunch. It wasn't long before The Humane Emperor came on the scene, and is still around, telling folks that with a little mental acrobatics you can include forcible breeding, captivity, separation of family, killing of day-old chicks, and of course, untimely death in the definition of "humane."

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More Clarity About Family Farms

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The marketing of an operation of breeding and slaughtering sentient nonhumans as a family farm (here, Bell straddles the line) is supposed to trigger some kind of compassion for the humans. In " Move to Limit 'Factor Farms' Gains Momentum " in today's New York Times , we learn that farmers in Ohio have agreed to phase out gestation crates within 15 years and veal crates by 2017. I won't get into whether I find that to be a victory.

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NYT Equine Thought Experiment

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The New York Times presents us, this morning, with "Equine Alternative" regarding the recent discovery that horses decided to allow themselves be domesticated by humans for our mutual benefit, earlier than we had thought (3500 BC, and we preciously thought it was more like 2500 BC). Among all the animal species on this planet, humans have domesticated only a handful. What if they had remained resolutely wild, refusing the domestic kinship humans tried to impose upon them?

The Best in Vegan Education

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As you are likely aware, very few people can actually get through the film in one sitting, plus the first third, about "pets," sends the troublesome message that puppy mills are the problem, rather than breeding in general.) The film addresses the humane myth straight on, with unprecedented transparency in the discussions of animal farming, by simply letting its characters tell their personal stories.

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Animal Welfare at

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Meanwhile, Feldstein's voice, as one would expect, is one that speaks of "humane" treatment and advocates for reform. This isn't to say that Feldstein hasn't or won't write about topics interesting to animal rights advocates (such as Breed Specific Legislation), but the mere existence of the two should get people thinking. Did you see that now has an Animal Welfare page?

On "Knockout Animals"

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Now, any medication we take and surgical procedures we undergo also have a long line of breeding, enslavement, torture and killing of sentient nonhumans leading up to them, so objecting to "knockout animals" on those grounds is to stand on somewhat thin ice. Here's what I see: Once again, as with attempts to convince the public that animal farming could ever be humane , humans are desperate to provide alternatives to consuming animals that don't include not consuming animals.

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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And managing means killing them, breeding them, and otherwise fiddling with their populations. In the majority of cases, it is humans who are to blame for the plunging numbers of animals, and Corwin is very clear about the extent to which we have destroyed the world around us. Or an animal that could use the aid of human intervention, such as the Florida panther, which has benefited from the culverts built to help it safely cross highways (221).

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On ANIMAL EQUALITY, by Joan Dunayer

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Minus that role, the term implies, such an animal has no place; if they aren't some human's companion, or their companionship fails to please, they can be abandoned or killed" (8). With equal validity, we could say that a human locked inside a room has 'freedom' from muggers" (75). However young and healthy, captives judged inappropriate for exhibition or breeding are considered 'excess' and usually are 'unloaded' or killed.

2010 105

Sandpiper Species Heading Towards Extinction

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The Spoon-billed Sandpiper, one of the world's most threatened birds, is rapidly heading towards extinction because young birds are being targeted for human consumption. In 2000, around 1,000 breeding pairs were known, but by 2009, the number had plummeted to just 120-220 pairs, a decline of 88%. The unintentional targeting of young Spoon-billed Sandpipers during the summer months explains the lack of recruitment of new birds into the breeding population,” said Zöckler.

Good News for Greyhounds

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We who want humans to stop using sentient nonhumans have few victories to celebrate. But for me, the number of adopted dogs doesn't make up for the fact that we have no right to breed dogs to use them as gambling chips. But one area that continues to provide them is the fight against the use of greyhounds as a source of entertainment (and gambling revenue) by forcing them to race. Here are a couple recent bits of good news.

Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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For Engber, who dispassionately describes procedures most of the time, the "advances" in the medical care of humans are all well worth what he and other vivisectionists do to dogs and other sentient nonhumans. By the end of my time as researcher, I was performing behavioral experiments on humans. I'm sure we could do a much better job of ensuring the humane treatment of our laboratory animals--but at this point it's very difficult even to start the discussion.

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On Bestiality

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Now, mind you there are people who are actually mentally ill in the sense they 'can't get it up' without thinking of their mate as a fantasized non-human animal, I should mention this also includes mythological animals. There is no wrong in using a breeding rack, it does not damage an animal. My internal conflict in my own statement would be, "Wouldn't it be the same for the breeder who is looking to make money off breeding animals forcefully?"

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Rats Taking Over from Mice in Labs

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Scientific advances over the last three years have now made it feasible to easily tinker with rat genes, creating the possibility of far better models of certain human diseases, and potentially shortening the time it takes to develop medications. While both rats and mice have similarities to humans, rats win out in key areas. I recently fostered the sweetest little rat and I currently have two mice. Therefore, this Boston Globe article saddens me on both levels.

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Calling all Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Ice Cream August 25

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Canine guests must be on leash and accompanied by a human companion. It honors dogs of all breeds — from working dogs to family pets — and encourage pet owners to do something special for their dog. To celebrate National Dog Day 2012, Best Friends Pet Care will be giving away free doggy ice cream treats to every dog who visits any Best Friends facility across the U.S. on Saturday, August 25.

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Eyesight of Man’s Best Friend

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We take a look into how man’s best friends see and how good their vision really is in comparison to that of a human’s. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can see in colour; however they can’t see the full range of colour that humans can. Their vision is comparable to red-green color blindness in humans, which is known as deuteranopia. Dogs can’t see as many dull colors as humans can, and may find it hard to distinguish between grey and pastel shades.

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Is fostering the answer? We think it is.

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But perhaps their human passed away, or maybe they fell on hard times and just couldn’t afford pet care any longer. Sure, there are some shelter pets who sadly have never felt love, or the affection of a human before. A certain breed, age, sex, temperament, that you think will fit into your home. NEW JERSEY – Animal shelters are full, they have no space, they often have no money, and they have a small amount of dedicated volunteers.

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The benefits of good puppy food

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At 9-10 months of age (or a bit later for large and giant breeds) feeding frequency can drop to once per day. Breed size. Smaller breeds have much faster metabolisms, and as puppies will require at least four feedings a day. Careful portion control has been shown to reduce hip dysplasia and increase bone density in large and giant breeds. The first two years of a dog’s life are critical to its longevity and lifelong health.

Lessons Learned, The Finale

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Films, blogs, books, e-zines, sanctuaries, protests, promotion of adoption (of humans and nonhumans!). Actually, I'd like to recreate the environment that once existed, where we all learned from each other and supported each other and were simply trying to all figure out how to get the average person--particularly as represented by the mainstream media--to wake up from the slumber of injustice our culture breeds. After all this time it seems that.

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Black Bear

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It’s the kind of place that helps you get past the human notion that we’re outside of nature—that there’s this divine, glorious thing called nature, and then there’s us, you know, way above it all and in charge. I had developed the arrogant attitude that my existential plight was unique among humans. Meanwhile, their targets aren’t starving or ill creatures at all; they aim for the big, healthy creatures who might breed a new generation of hardy animals.

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5 Cat Health Problems that Can be Avoided

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Cats are just as likely to get cancer, diabetes and organ failure as humans are. It is not transmittable to humans. Certain cat breeds have more complications than others. Cat health problems are prominent, but many can be avoided. There are numerous things that your vet tells you to vaccinate for, but the worst problems often come from a poor-quality diet. Preventing these are completely possible with the right amount of care.

2012 133

Breast Cancer in Pets

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While breast cancer awareness month for people might be over, it’s important to realize that we humans aren’t the only ones affected by the disease. Most “at-risk” breeds: poodle, Brittany spaniel, English setter, pointer, fox terrier, cocker spaniel, Boston terrier. PurinaCare is committed to promoting responsible pet care, providing humane education, supporting community pet involvement, and fostering the positive bond between people and their pets.

2010 180

Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

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Rather, he was a handy cat, one who could escape from all cages; one who could rouse his humans from a deep sleep as he played with anything and everything they dared to leave on the kitchen counter; one who could even, despite all odds, teach dog-only hearts to open up and love the newest member of their family. Over the past six years, Henry has received almost 50,000 letters from humans and critters.

2011 158

Nanhui, Shanghai in August

10,000 Birds

Not sure if they are breeding but certainly they are trying, though I am not fully convinced of their competence. And of course there are passerines, some which spent the summer at Nanhui, some just returning from their breeding grounds elsewhere.

2020 68

Prop 2 Passes in California

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California voters have taken a stand for decency and compassion and said that the systemic mistreatment of animals on factory farms cannot continue," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, the primary back of the YES! All animals deserve humane treatment, including animals raised for food.” It applies to breeding pigs, egg laying hens and veal calves. Proposition 2 has been passed in California. From the campaign website : (Nov.

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From Today's Los Angeles Times

Animal Ethics

In light of this horrible incident, is it right for the zoo to carry on a breeding program that subjects more animals to such unnatural lives? It is estimated that due to conflicts with humans, the bushmeat and body parts trade, disease and habitat destruction, large mammals in Africa may be extinct by the end of this century. Many sanctuaries do not permit breeding.

And Man Created Dog

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If humans were as varied as dogs we would range in height up to 22 feet tall and in weight more than 1,000 pounds. It’s no accident that dogs evolved this way, as humans have been selectively breeding them for around 14,000 years to serve our needs as laborer, companion, hunter, herder and warrior, as well as to suit our aesthetic fancy.

2010 149

The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind

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No one in the room–neither dog nor human–can tell which cup hides the biscuit. Understanding a pointed finger may seem easy, but consider this: while humans and canines can do it naturally, no other known species in the animal kingdom can. Hare and others are trying to figure out how the intimate coexistence of humans and dogs has shaped the animal’s remarkable abilities. “Humans are unique. The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind.

2009 148

What To Do If You Find a Pit Bull

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As a breed, pit bulls have a bad rap. However, they are more vulnerable to being forced into fighting than other breeds. Aside from the breed’s abuses, one finds that adopting out this breed is highly difficult. Yes, this breed is poorly represented in the media. However, any breed of dog that has been abused, neglected, or homeless may be aggressive to humans or other dogs. Like every dog they are vulnerable to homelessness and mistreatment.

Proportions Canine Nutrition

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Like human “Whole Food” diets, the canine “Proportions” program is a healthy alternative to the highly processed conventional diet and works by: Reducing carbs and starches by feeding a reduced portion of high quality dry food. The Proportions Whole Food Nutrition Program is personalized for each individual dog based on seven different variables beyond the dogs weight, including breed, gender, age, and activity level, to determine an individual dog’s specific daily caloric requirement.

2010 125

Questionable Practices at the Calgary Zoo

Critter News

They were a part of the zoo’s breeding program for the rare birds. The zoo blamed human error for the deaths, saying it didn’t have the expertise to manage the fish and that a lack of dissolved oxygen led to the deaths. Another animal dies at the Calgary Zoo and more questions are being raised about their practices. Look at all these incidents that have occurred there (listed in the Montreal Gazette article in the above link).I

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Guest Post: Sizing a Dog Coat

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Like humans, dogs also need special clothing during cold seasons because they too get uncomfortably cold during harsh weather. If you have a fat chested dog or one who is over weight, you may want to move up one size bigger and if you own one of the thinner breeds like Saluki, greyhound, or even a smaller, lighter framed Chihuahua, you may want to drop one size down.

2010 109