Farm Animal Welfare Fight Heats Up in Ohio

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Would such a bill lead to jurisdiction over puppy mill breeders as well? If it passes, it will encourage other states' ag industries to go on the offensive to protect their "raw materials.". Issue 2 in Ohio would create 13-member state board to oversee the care of farm animals in the State.

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Dog Whisperer and Philly Undercover Premiere Jan 7, 2012

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After Dog Whisperer, Philly Undercover, the new six-part series in which the PSPCA’s undercover police team works to eliminate dogfighting and protect all animals from abuse and neglect, premieres. Just moments after they document a critical meeting between the suspect and a known dog breeder, a neighborhood “scout” marks their vehicle, forcing them to quickly flee the scene. Video: Busting Breeders.

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What To Do If You Find a Pit Bull

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It may feel threatened, and animals that feel threatened instinctually protect themselves. For example, the petting a dog’s tail; an abuser may have done something violent to the dog’s tail, and the dog may try to protect itself when you touch it there. This makes him or her more attractive to potential owners and less likely to be adopted by a dog fighter or breeder; dog fighters and breeders find unfixed animals without shots to be more attractive than the opposite.