Online Survey on Ethics and Animals

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A new survey is getting the attention of many within the global animal protection community. The results will be first presented and discussed at the 12th International Vegan Festival, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 22-25, 2009 (more about it here ). Covering both moral and strategic issues, the "Ethics and Animals" survey will provide a snapshot of our movement as of the present moment. Everyone is invited to participate and share their views on what's best for animals.

Ethics 101

Flight to Freedom

4 The Love Of Animals

Jan Creamer, ADI President who has been in Bolivia coordinating the rescue and who flew in with the lions said: “With the Congresses of Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile all considering legislation to ban animal circuses, this rescue is not merely symbolic, it shows that we are prepared to make a real commitment to ensure that bans on animal circuses can be fully implemented and animals can be saved. “As

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