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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of January 2012?

10,000 Birds

What else is nice is the prospect of seeing brand new birds in beautiful habitat. Corey will be experiencing birding bliss all weekend long at the mighty, mighty Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. I, on the other hand, will be lollygagging with the usual Western New York winter species. Northern White-crowned Shrike in Tanzania by Walter Kitundu a. This may read like something of a non sequitur, but have you ever seen a Rainbow Eucalyptus ?

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A Brief Tour of Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

10,000 Birds

In the days leading up to the Expo we’ve been touring the small East African nation, primarily visiting the big national parks in the south and west of the country looking for birds and other amazing wildlife. While Uganda does not have the international reputation of its neighbors Kenya and Tanzania, the experience there is no less extraordinary – and in many ways, particularly for the birder, it’s even more so.