Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide–A Book Review

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” The answer, as discerning Neotropical birders know, is: “What is Bolivia?” ” The book in question is Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide , edited and written by Sebastian K. Bolivia doesn’t come up much in discussions of birding travel.

World birding from a Schrödinger’s house

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Supporting indigenous communities and conservation, Sadiri Lodge (above) is located in the Madidi National Park in Bolivia. There is no simple answer even to a seemingly simple question how many known bird species are recognized by the scientific community. Bolivia 1433 7.

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15 New Reasons to Bird the Amazon

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That would reflect the number of new species discovered in the Amazon rainforest over the past five years or so, according to scientists. The ornithologists considered plumage, voice, and genetics in making their determinations; birds had to differ from known species in in at least two of those qualities to be considered new. The new birds inhabit the southern portion of the Amazon, some only in Brazil but others in Bolivia and Peru as well.

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The Glitter in the Green: In Search of Hummingbirds–A Hummer Book Review

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In 2012, I reviewed The Jewel Hunter , an absorbing narrative in which author Chris Goodie travelled throughout Asia, Africa, and Australasia to observe and photograph every Pitta species in the world. Hummingbird species, on the other hand, number in the hundreds.

The Andean Avocet

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This is partly because it leaves at such high elevations (11,811 – 15,090 feet above sea level) along the high Andes of Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. The courtship behaviour of this species is unknown, but they probably use the same displays as the American Avocet, with various postures, bowing, crouching and dance with open wings. I am starting a series of posts where I introduce little known birds we can relate.

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The Andean Gull

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This gull inhabits the high Andean plateau of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina at elevations ranging from 3300 to 4400 m (10827 to 14436 feet). I guess, the black hood on the latter species, and the fact that both winter in Peru led me to associate them as relatives. On the series “North American birds with Neotropical Counterparts”, this time I introduce the Andean Gull.

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What Flies Over Costa Rica in the Night?

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At the moment, night excursions to Poas are limited by pandemic driving restrictions but I can still surmise about the species flying overhead. This fall, I have had the fortune of listening to both species calling at the same time from the back balcony.

Avian Quiz – April 15, 2011

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Here are the clues: 1. Some references indicate that this country has nearly 900 different species of birds. 3. Corey has written about one of the species, which I will most likely see when I go. And another list shows 6 endemics and 11 endangered species. 6. On one list, it is the 27th country with the most number of different bird species. Instead, name one of the endemic species in this country. This week’s quiz is geographically GLOBAL in nature.

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The poorly defined borders of the region were disputed by Chile and Bolivia. The poop produced by the guano species (which includes pelicans and boobies as well as the cormorants) is rich in phosphoros and nitrates which would have been leached out by the rain in any other environment. Subsequently, Bolivia tried to levy tax on Chilean guano harvesters on its assumed territory along the Pacific coastline. The next time a bird poops on your car, think carefully before you act.

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White-necked Jacobin at Asa Wright Nature Center

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Florisuga mellivora , as the White-necked Jacobin is known to Latin enthusiasts, is found from Mexico to Bolivia, and its huge range and population make it a Species of Least Concern to BirdLife International. The veranda at the Asa Wright Nature Center, one of the most storied and highly-lauded birding ecolodge destinations in the world, is a simply marvelous place.

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Where America dreams of/goes birding?

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Some of those “statistical errors” came as surprises to me, e.g. Cuba, Bolivia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Thailand (this is also a clear message to their tourism boards to invest more into promoting avitourism). Yet, the fact that tiny Panama is as popular as huge Brazil, with twice as many bird species, speaks volume for Brazil’s stage of ecotourism development. I had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results.

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Upcoming Potential ABA-countable Exotics from Florida

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With the recent addition of the Nanday Parakeet ( Nandayus nenday ) and Purple Swamphen ( Porphyrio porphyrio ) to the ABA list (it was not too long ago that Common Myna ( Acridotheres tristis ) was added as well), I thought an article discussing the potentially upcoming exotic bird species from Florida to be added to the ABA area list would be relevant to the times. I foresee these birds continuing to spread, gradually replacing other Aratinga species in southeast Florida.

Sword-billed Hummingbird

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Not all bird species are equally spectacular. Male Sword-billed Hummingbird at Yanacocha Reserve The Sword-billed Hummingbird ( Ensifera ensifera ) is a South American hummingbird found at high elevations (1700-3600m) in the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia. This monotypic species stands apart from all other birds as the only one with a bill longer than its body.

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A lesson on Banding

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This program makes it possible that you might observe a certain shorebird species with a marking pattern that includes, a white flag band above the right tarsometatarsal joint, a red band on the lower part of that leg, a blue band on the left lower leg and a green band above the tarsometatarsal joint of the left leg as well. Like all of the esteemed writers and loyal followers of this site, I spend nearly every available moment out in the field birding.

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The Everglade Snail Kite Is Making a Comeback

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Decades of land transformation and hydrological changes resulted in the decline of the only species of apple snail native to Florida and the kite population followed suit. While the native apple snail continued declining, another species of apple snail native to South America began to appear in canals and ponds in South Florida. We are conditioned to think that any exotic species means some kind of harm to native communities.

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Protecting the Hyacinth Macaw and the Cerrado

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Hyacinth Macaw © Roger Leguen / WWF-Canon Hyacinth Macaws feed mainly on the kernels of the fruits of two species of palm tree: the Acuri or Urucuri Palm ( Attalea phalerata ) and the Bocaiuva or Macaw Palm ( Acrocomia aculeata ). Such cavities are hard to find and are sometimes disputed by more than one species. Illegal capture for the wild animal trade is an obvious peril for such a charismatic species, but this big blue bird is also hunted both for its meat and feathers.

Getting Lucky with a Ground-Dove in Costa Rica

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A lot of those anti-Columbidae tendencies probably stem from a certain species frequently referred to as a “flying rat” In raptor enthusiast circles, “Peregrine fodder” is also used, and when a Mourning Dove gets naturally selected by a Cooper’s Hawk , some hawk watchers can’t hide their look of glee. Bird as much as you want from Mexico to Bolivia, and you could easily never see or hear one for years.

Calilegua National Park Birding – Trip Report

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From La Quiaca, near the border with Bolivia, to Calilegua it takes six hours so we arrived to Libertador General San Martin by 7 pm. Calilegua is the only national park in the province of Jujuy that protects 76,000 ha of Yungas forest providing a bird sanctuary for many endemic species that live in this special forest. Calilegua National Park Birding – Trip Report. … continued from: Bird Watching Laguna del los Pozuelos.

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Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls

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But nevertheless, this part of the country is home to an astonishing variety of birds and a good number of species that are found nowhere else in the US. These wily and diminutive owls occur from Bolivia and Argentina northward through Central America (check out this post on Pico Bonito ) and only just occur in the United States in Arizona and south Texas. In fact, this sub-species was formerly classified as endangered in the US under the Endangered Species Act.

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Flight to Freedom

4 The Love Of Animals

Pat Derby, President and Founder of the Performing Animal Welfare Society, said, “Animal Defenders International contacted PAWS last year about providing a permanent home for the African lions remaining in Bolivia. Derby said, “We congratulate ADI for their tireless efforts to rescue these animals and we applaud the government of Bolivia and its good citizens for banning the cruel exploitation of animals used in circuses.

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Twenty Hummingbirds To See Before You Die

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They are the only birds able to fly backwards and the 340-odd species come in many different forms. Its partner is the well-known Ruby-throated Hummingbird , one of the only species of hummingbird that migrates every year. As it streaks across the Andean skies of Bolivia and Argentina with its flashy tail, its not hard to see how this bird got the name “comet&#. In fact it might just be one of the drabbest hummingbird species out there.

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