The Final Days of the Danube backwaters in Belgrade: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is coming to Serbia

10,000 Birds

In mid-December, I was birding along the Beljarica levee (Beh-LYAH-ritza), my local patch north of Belgrade, when something other than birds attracted my attention: three wild boars , appearing all black because they had just swam through the swamp to reach the bottom of the levee.

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Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir-Singapore

10,000 Birds

We were then able to walk down Upper Thomson Road and get public transport back to our hotel. There were wild boars and monitors rustling through the leaves as well as the plantain squirrels that we had become so accustomed to. During our three week visit to Singapore in March we spent a good part of each day walking and birding. By 17th March we were not expecting to find too many more new birds to add to our list.

2019 43

The Smell of Napalm in the Morning

10,000 Birds

Recently, 29 fish species of fish were recorded in this area, together with 8 amphibians, 9 reptiles and 62 species of mammals (including 20 species of bats), together with Wild Boar , Roe Deer , Wildcat , Golden Jackal , Eurasian Otter , European Pine and Beech Martens , Steppe Polecat , Stoat and the Least Weasel. Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure,

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Finding an Asian Openbill in Singapore-second ever record!

10,000 Birds

Arriving in Singapore we soon collected our bags and got ourselves a NETS card for travel on public transport and to also use in supermarkets. The train system is fast and efficient and was our primary mode of transport. Squirrels, water monitors, lizards, wild boar, macaque monkeys and more had too often stopped us in our tracks when we heard leaves rustling or odd sounds initially!

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Central Catchment Nature Reserve Singapore

10,000 Birds

It is very easy to access the Central Catchment Nature Reserve by public transport. Then there are the Wild Boars, Plantain Squirrels, Monitor Lizards and of course the bird-life. The Central Catchment Nature Reserve in Singapore is a huge area that covers over 2,000 hectares of forest. There are over twenty kilometres of walking trails within the park and it is open from 7am until 7pm daily.