The Final Days of the Danube backwaters in Belgrade: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is coming to Serbia

10,000 Birds

In mid-December, I was birding along the Beljarica levee (Beh-LYAH-ritza), my local patch north of Belgrade, when something other than birds attracted my attention: three wild boars , appearing all black because they had just swam through the swamp to reach the bottom of the levee.

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The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

10,000 Birds

At first, the road is paved, but as soon as the tarmac ends, the tracks become decorated by hunters in orange vests. It’s the boar hunting season. The soil is disturbed by foraging boars (and there is not a single shot from those hunters). Besides the usual threats such as habitat destruction, disturbance, poaching and electrocution, this species suffers much more from one quite surprising threat – the hybridisation with the closely related Lesser Spotted Eagle.