If We Can Rock Together, We Can Flock Together

10,000 Birds

Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota. In the case of these Tricolored Blackbirds , they are formed for DEFENSE. Weird flocks are fun. One does not typically find a Black-crowned Night-Heron mixed in with Rock Pigeons and American Coots. I think the night-heron knows it too. Thanks for stopping in again birders. Today’s post is as simple as it can be. FLOCKS. You know them and you love them…except when your car gets smeared in gull or grackle feces.

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Shedding Tears For Shorebirds

10,000 Birds

Barf at blackbirds. Photographed at Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, ND. Upland Sandpipers are one of the coolest and most awkward-looking of our continent’s birds. See, it’s not so scary! Photographed at Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, MT. Birders are a timid bunch. They are scared of all sorts of things. The thought of identifying certain groups of birds can incapacitate them. They are fearful of flycatchers. Galled at gulls. They wince at warblers.

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