Belgian City Goes Vegetarian Once a Week

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Last week, the City of Ghent in Belgium started eating vegetarian one day a week. I have very little regard for the human conscience when it comes to empathy outside themselves. Only when humans start to freak out about their own survival will they stop eating meat. Public officials and politicians will start, with school children following in September. It's their way of acknowledging the impact of livestock on the environment.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

The fact that horsemeat has at times been part of humanity’s diet is not in dispute. Americans do have a special relationship with horses, and how we treat them reveals much about our own humanity and how far we have evolved. Our American horses are not being shipped to the hungry in Africa; they are being served in the most pricey restaurants in France, Belgium and Japan. To the Editor: Re “ We Eat Horses, Don’t We? ,” by Christa Weil (Op-Ed, March 5): Ms.