Man Busted for Bear Gall Bladders in Washington State

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This happened in my own State of Washington. We allow hunters to shoot bears, but not to sell their parts. Tags: seattle State of Washington gall bladders poaching bears asia Note the Asia connection again.

Washington Man Sentenced for Gall Bladder Trafficking

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This man is a meat-cutter from our home state of Washington. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says Wednesday that William A. Tags: wildlife trafficking State of Washington bears I'm not sure the sentencing is strict enough to keep him from doing it again. I hope he serves out his whole sentence though.

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Psychiatrist Arrested for Trafficking in Gall Bladders

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So, it's not just rednecks in Washington State who are doing this. From the Seattle P-I: A Japanese psychiatrist with a home in Seattle is facing poaching and gun-possession charges following allegations that he poached several black bears and tried to smuggle gallbladders back to Japan. In charging documents filed in King County Superior Court, prosecutors contend Dr. Tohru Shigemura made repeated trips to Washington to hunt bear, taking animals out of season and on tribal lands.

December 26 Podcast Uploaded

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This week's stories: PETA demands that the National Institutes of Health take back grant money awarded to the University of Kansas; The Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums prepares to investigate the Calgary Zoo next year; Convicted dog fighter Michael Vick receives an award in courage from the Philadelphia Eagles; Canada tries to find a public relations firm to counter anti-seal coverage; and a Washington State man is convicted of selling bear gall bladders.

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To the Editor: It is deeply troubling that a legally mandated and urgently needed decision to protect polar bears under the Endangered Species Act has been delayed by one agency of the Interior Department even as another agency rushes ahead with plans to sell oil and gas leases across a huge expanse of critical polar bear habitat in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea (“ Regulatory Games and the Polar Bear ,” editorial, Jan.