Black Bear

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  Black Bear. At VLS, the financial aid people sit you down during your first semester, I think to assess your grip on the reality of your fiscal present and future.   Enter Black Bear Crestfallen, I schlepped my sorry self from my minuscule apartment, across the Village Green toward the coffee shop. And then the whole lot of backslapping, ecstatic locals entered the coffee shop, as the once-mighty bear lie writhing in pain.

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Yogi Bear Giveaway

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Yogi Bear features everyone’s favorite talking bear Yogi (Dan Aykroyd) and his adorable sidekick Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) as they raise havoc with their hair-brained schemes in Jellystone Park much to the chagrin of Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh). When Jellystone is threatened by a logging company Yogi teams up with a documentary filmmaker (Anna Farris) and must prove that he is indeed “Smarter than the average bear!”. Tell me your favorite thing about bears!

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How Pets Can Improve Your Health

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Having an ever-present dog or cat, for example, can help ease separation anxiety in children when mom and dad aren’t around. Expert cites scientifically-proven therapeutic, physical and emotional health benefits of loving and caring for a pet.

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Expedition Grizzly

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Video “800 Pound Best Friend” – What if your best friend was a 800-pound grizzly bear? Fun fact: Brutus, the bear, was best man at Casey’s wedding!!

Steve Best on The Left's Ignorance of Cognitive Ethology

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Steve Best's verbal presentation of his ideas sometimes irks me. Mockingbirds bear a grudge against particular people ( It's over-the-top, for me, and I often resent the time I must spend working through the ranting. But " Minding the Animals: Ethology and the Obsolescence of Left Humanism " is a great look back at how we humans have managed to always find a way to consider ourselves unique, despite what the reality of the nonhuman world tells us.

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R. G. Frey on Egoism and Utilitarianism

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For, at least as both are usually construed, the only major difference between ethical egoism and act-utilitarianism is that the egoist is concerned with maximizing utility in his own case, so that only consequences which affect him bear upon the rightness and wrongness of his acts. As we saw earlier, virtually all utilitarians, present-day as well as classical, have wanted the scope of the principle of utility extended to animals, or, in any event, to the 'higher' animals.

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J. Baird Callicott on Misanthropy

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As omnivores, the population of human beings should, perhaps, be roughly twice that of bears, allowing for differences of size. A global population of more than four billion persons and showing no signs of an orderly decline presents an alarming prospect to humanists, but it is at present a global disaster (the more per capita prosperity, indeed, the more disastrous it appears) for the biotic community.

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Jan Narveson on Moral Vegetarianism

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Once one bears in mind that it is this comparative assessment that is required, then it seems to me there will be a strong case (1) for Humane Slaughter, and humane treatment prior to slaughter, and (2) insofar as really painless and comfortable animal-raising is not attained or attainable, giving vegetarianism a try, at least. In present circumstances, the following would seem to be indicated.