Unique Wedding Idea: Include Your Pets!

4 The Love Of Animals

Yes, it would be lovely to have your dog trot smartly up the aisle with a cushion bearing your unique engagement rings , but deep down you know if that’s realistically going to happen.

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Cats Love To Play, But Lucky For You, The Best Toys Are Free!

4 The Love Of Animals

When you first bring home your new kitten or cat, you go to the pet store for the first time and can’t believe what you are seeing. They love to hide, especially kittens, so make sure that they have places to snuggle into. We have two kittens that are the same age, and we gave them each a shoebox, and you have never seen two happier animals. If you have any spare ribbon, bows or tissue paper after you’re done wrapping gifts, let your kittens have a party of their own.

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