Trophy Hunters Imperil Polar Bears

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I have no sympathy for trophy hunters. Perhaps there are female trophy hunters out there too, but I suspect they are in the minority. Therefore, to me it's a slam dunk as to whether trophy hunters should continue to hunt polar bears. Tags: indigenous hunting canada polar bear trophy hunting endangered species arctic They are not hunting for food or for any subsistence whatsoever.

Polar Bear Hunters Face Battle Over Extinction Worries

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Native and sport polar bear hunters may be facing more restrictions due to increasing threats to bear populations. A limit on the hunting of polar bears by sportsmen and native Arctic people will top the agenda at an international summit in Norway tomorrow, seen as vital to the survival of the predator. Tags: polar bear

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Man Busted for Bear Gall Bladders in Washington State

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We allow hunters to shoot bears, but not to sell their parts. Tags: seattle State of Washington gall bladders poaching bears asia This happened in my own State of Washington. Note the Asia connection again.

Humane Society Puts Pressure on South Carolina's Bear Baying

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A declawed, defanged bear is chained to a stake as hunting dogs bark and snap, trying to force the bear to stand on its hind legs. The training exercise called bear baying is intended to make the bears easier to shoot in the wild and it's only allowed in South Carolina. Animal rights advocates say it's cruel to the nearly defenseless bears and harms them psychologically. Tags: animal cruelty blood sport south carolina humane society bears hunting

US Groups Fight to Save Polar Bear Hunts

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Now that the species is listed in the US as "threatened," hunters can't import the dead body parts (aka hunting "trophies") in from Canada. Supposedly, environmentalists and animal rights activists have "unfairly made the polar bear into 'the panda bear of North America.'" Tags: canada blood sport polar bear hunting trophy hunting endangered species

Moral Vegetarianism, Part 3 of 13

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Animals in the wild try to escape from hunters.) This, however, is not our world, so I don’t understand the bearing of the question. Furthermore, genetic engineering might be able to produce meat-bearing animals that could be used for food without being killed. For an explanation of this feature, click on “Moral Vegetarianism” at the bottom of this post. What Meat Should Not Be Eaten? What is forbidden meat?