US Groups Fight to Save Polar Bear Hunts

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Supposedly, environmentalists and animal rights activists have "unfairly made the polar bear into 'the panda bear of North America.'" Tags: canada blood sport polar bear hunting trophy hunting endangered species Now that the species is listed in the US as "threatened," hunters can't import the dead body parts (aka hunting "trophies") in from Canada.

Orphaned Baby Bear Possible Endangered by Early Release into Wild

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Canadian authorities want to release an orphaned baby bear into the wild at 6 months when mother bears usually push their children out at 18 months. Animal right groups are very angry and fear the baby might die by itself. canada bear wildlife wild orphansI can't blame the activists. This decision makes little sense to me.

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Second Bear Killed On Trans-Canada Highway

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The second bear to meet its end this year on the Trans-Canada Highway has prompted an animal rights group to call for immediate repairs to a fence line intended to protect wildlife in Banff National Park. Park staff had been monitoring the bear in the hopes the adult female would avoid the busy roadway. The bear was struck last week and found dead two days later. fish and wildlife canada bear

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Black Bear

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  Black Bear.   Enter Black Bear Crestfallen, I schlepped my sorry self from my minuscule apartment, across the Village Green toward the coffee shop. When I stepped onto the narrow parking strip between the Village Green and the coffee shop, I stopped in my tracks to avoid being leveled by a speeding, mud-caked, vintage Saab with a Grateful Dead dancing bears sticker on it. A group of law school students walked far out of their way to avoid the sight.

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New Jersey Bear Hunt to Continue as Planned

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New Jersey’s first bear hunt in five years is just a week away and set to go on as planned despite a last-ditch effort by several animal rights organizations to have the hunt postponed. The bear hunt, set to take place from Dec. 6 to 11, is authorized under the state’s recently adopted Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP). Tags: cull new jersey bears hunting Despite efforts by animal rights activists to stop this hunt, it is scheduled to continue.

PETA Wants Knut Castrated!

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We're talking about Knut the polar bear. He was the cute little polar bear whose birth at the Berlin Zoo was so controversial because his mother rejected him. She's here temporarily for companionship, but the group is concerned. Tags: zoos knut Germany polar bear PETA He was raised by a trainer. PETA Germany's position is that he should be castrated so he doesn't mate with his cousin Giovanna. Check out a couple of the pictures in this story. How suggestive!

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Calgary Zoo Feeling Economic Pressure

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They had to cancel a big project that would have showcased polar bears and seals. Lanthier, a veterinarian and walrus researcher who took the helm in Calgary two years ago, says the cancellation of the polar bears exhibit might please some animal-rights extremists, but the reality is a blow to Canada's white bears. Lanthier doesn't hide his contempt for animal rights groups who lash out, without considering the role zoos play in conservation.

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ALPO and Taye Diggs

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A group of drooling dogs were all ears as actor and dog lover Taye Diggs read excerpts from the newly released ALPO® “Real Dogs Eat Meat” Handbook at a first-of-its-kind book reading event in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District on May 19.

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to bear witness—first hand—to the abject suffering and deaths of individual farmed animals who have been assaulted throughout their entire lives by over 99% of the human population. to do all of this with an all volunteer group of dedicated and selfless people who give of themselves every single day and ask nothing in return except for everyone else to simply do their part—whatever that may be—to abolish their support of farmed animal exploitation, use, and murder.

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