12/19/09 Podcast Uploaded

Critter News

An agreement in principle on new rules for animal testing has been reached by the European Union; *Ten laboratory chimpanzees retire to a Florida sanctuary; *A Spanish province begins a discussion on banning bullfights; *A record number of manatee deaths are recorded in the State of Florida; *The last known dancing bear is rescued in India. This week's stories. *An

On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

Animal Person

Or an animal that could use the aid of human intervention, such as the Florida panther, which has benefited from the culverts built to help it safely cross highways (221). When I was asked if I wanted to read Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS (Rodale 2009) I was ambivalent.

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On Ducks and Geese

Animal Person

It wasn't much--clusters of mushroom-like townhouses that are ubiquitous in Florida--but it was on a lake. Creatures have come in phases for me: the duck phase, the cat phase, the dog phase, the bear phase (I was living in Vermont--it was unavoidable), the Canada goose phase.

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