How Pets Can Improve Your Health

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Expert cites scientifically-proven therapeutic, physical and emotional health benefits of loving and caring for a pet. For children, pets provide many emotional and physical benefits, including: Children who grow up with pets not only have less risk of allergies and asthma.

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Disneynature Earth Q&A

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Disneynature’s first film, Earth , which comes out on Earth Day (April 22,2009), follows three animal families across the globe. Inevitably, it’s a situation where you were there, and for me, it’s the swimming male polar bear. It’s where we filmed all the polar bear material.

Are you ready to get a dog?

4 The Love Of Animals

But, putting emotions aside, owning a dog is a massive responsibility and requires considerable thought before you make the commitment. Before emotions take over, you need to dig deep into the rational part of your brain. The idea of owning a dog is alluring for many of us.

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