Come@me:Cameras with AA batteries are the best

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Despite the disadvantage of not being able to take many photos or having to wait for the photos to be developed you did not need to worry about batteries, because they were all manually operated. The Kodal Tele-ektralite 20 was a compact battery free camera and at the time it did not seem too big to carry around. The one feature that concerned us from the very beginning was the battery or batteries that ran the camera. My current AA battery camera.

Death of the Downy Woodpecker, or, Dunlin at 10,000 Feet: The Eighth Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit

10,000 Birds

As always, we held our sit high atop Battery Harris at Fort Tilden on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. His delay would cost him too, as Ryan and I were treated to a fly-by Red-headed Woodpecker , only the second time we’ve had one on the count! Farewell, Downy Woodpecker.

A Quick Drive

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The machine-gun drumming of a Chestnut Woodpecker greeted us once we alighted from the vehicle. No visual on the woodpecker, sadly – several Scaled Pigeons bolted from the treetops as we searched, though.

Swarovski Skills Camp, or men and their toys

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Yesterday evening I got home from the second Swarovski Skills Camp at Lake Neusiedl in the east of Austria. I am still tired from the long drive, but it was great to play with the very best toys for birders, to be able to share experiences and to ask the factory staff all sorts of silly questions.

Isolation, a.k.a. Business as Usual

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A Lineated Woodpecker banged its head against a dry branch. We counted seven of these alluring birds while I killed my camera battery. I’m certain many birders would agree with me on the fact that the imposed self-isolation and social distancing requirements suit us just fine.

2020 87

Queens County Bird Club 2018 Big Sit Results

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We had persevered through four years at the top of Battery Harris Platform and could bring our experience to bear on the task of trying to record as many species as possible on a single day from that single spot. Then I pulled out my bluetooth speaker and started broadcasting a Northern Saw-Whet Owl call only to have the battery die after about thirty seconds. We were running low on birds we thought possible with House Sparrow and Downy Woodpecker being two of the easiest left.

2018 79

Collaborative List – October 2019

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Bearded Woodpecker – Chloropicus namaquus. Chestnut-colored Woodpecker – Celeus castaneus. Golden-tailed Woodpecker – Campethera abingoni. Golden-naped Woodpecker – Melanerpes chrysauchen. Lineated Woodpecker – Dryocopus lineatus. Pale-billed Woodpecker – Campephilus guatemalensis. Fort Tilden–Battery Harris Platform. Fort Tilden–Battery Harris Platform.

2019 59

Welcome to Come@Me Week

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1PM – Clare: Cameras with AA Batteries are the Best. We here at 10,000 Birds have no shame and it was either this or lots of posts about woodcocks, boobies, and woodpeckers. Controversy and conflict are nothing new to the internet. Controversy and conflict are also nothing new to birders. Both the online world and the birding world are full of disputes, arguments, disagreements, squabbles, and quarrels.

2018 52

Sixth Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit An Amazing Success!

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At five-forty-five Sunday morning I started the eBird checklist while perched atop the Battery Harris Platform at Fort Tilden. We finally heard a Downy Woodpecker , a bird we had never missed on the Big Sit. It was the sixth year in a row of the Queens County Bird Club Big Sit, my favorite event of the year.

2019 64

The Greek Strategy

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Head for the sea only when you fully recharge your batteries. Local highlights include Lesser Spotted and Booted Eagles , Black Kite , Levant Sprarrowhawk , both pelicans (only Dalmatian breeds at the lake, but in the breeding season Whites perform daily fishing trips here all the way from Mikri Prespa, 350 km to the west); Black , Grey-headed and White-backed Woodpeckers , etc. Have you read my blogs on birding Greece ?

2016 71

Review of iBird Ultimate 7.2

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A nice touch is the option to view the app with black print on a white background or, if you want to save battery life and not illuminate the entire area, you can use it with white print on a black background. Inexplicably, Red-headed Woodpecker only has illustrations and photographs of adult birds with a full red head which could leave someone looking at a juvenile bird with a brown head very confused unless they read the text.

2014 75

Veraguan Mango – Panama's ex-endemic

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Hiking For The Heck of It Reason To Become a Bird Watcher #1: No Batteries Required Welcome Wednesday: Musings on a Big Year About the Author James A life-long birder and native of South Africa, James Currie has many years experience in the birding and wildlife tourism arenas.

The Future of Birding Field Guides is Digital

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Where do you charge your batteries in Namibia’s Kaokoveld during a longer trip away from lodges and hotels?

2011 68

Combined Beats’ List – August

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Battery Pt. Big up for Corey. Our very own “Mr July” piled on the pelagics during August. In so doing, he has helped to push us through the 1900 milestone. But our pin-up for August and worthy of a double-page-spread, is Duncan who is currently sharing from South Africa. Duncan has contributed to break through the unspoken target of 2000 birds for 10,000 Birds and on to a running total of 2011 as at August 31st.

2016 46

Combined Beats’ List – September

10,000 Birds

Battery Pt. Duncan has been in Africa, sweeping all before him like a brush fire. Through Botswana during the first week of September, then into Ethiopia with a late flourish, he has carried the list to 2191 as at September 30t h. Redgannet missed an opportunity to contribute when he was completely washed out at Lekki Conservation Centre in Nigeria. Electric storms closed the new walkway there and he amassed a total list of just 3 birds!

2016 54